By on October 26, 2010

The Volt is GM’s current answer to CAFE mandates and a hedge against high oil prices. In the mid eighties, the answer to the same challenge was the Chevy Sprint. The two couldn’t be more more different.

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  • slavuta: I don’t know if they are for sale but I saw one in Connecticut. May be this is demo for journalists.
  • Add Lightness: 10 colours x 5 wheel choices x 5 interior colours x 2 sunroof/no sunroof x 3 infotainment variables =...
  • joeaverage: jkross22: I checked and see 141 CT6 for sale. There are no plugin hybrids available.
  • TrailerTrash: “The looniest of the social-democracy Euro-countries are pushing for “gasoline freedom” in ten...
  • EBFlex: Yep. The Ford Miata. Ford’s designers couldn’t design a good looking vehicle if their life...

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