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Winterkorn, sending the wrong signals. Picture courtesy

VW CEO  Martin Winterkorn is a superstitious man. He doesn’t want to add a 13th brand to his (or rather Piech’s) large collection. (Coincidentally, 12 is the number of Piech’s children. More or less. Nobody is quite sure,) “There are some who knock on our door. Some really want to come under our roof as they see we’re on a good path strategically. But we are satisfied with the current line-up,” Winterkorn said to Wirtschaftswoche.  Specifically questioned about Volvo or (gasp) Daimler, Winterkorn answered: „There are many who would like to snuggle in VW’s cozy bed. Thank you, not interested.”  Instead, he’s re-thinking the line-up of his new acquisitions:  “I could imagine a smaller Cayenne derivative. Or a Porsche below the Boxster. This is under discussion.”
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  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    petezeiss - “The Boeing 757 is a perfectly good airplane.” “Effin’ Liar!”
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    skor - “while running at 80-100mph returns about 28.5 over longer distances.” I’d like to know where lil’ Jackie lives where he can drive 100mph...
  • Re: Chart Of The Day: U.S. Minivan Market Share In 2014

    petezeiss - But Mazda is a flaky, barely known entity in flyover country with a sparse, no-profile dealer presence. The Mazda 5 was just too low-riding,...
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    petezeiss - Thanks for the idea but I have a personal aversion to the smell of vinegar. I once worked in a building where the maintenance people used vinegar to clean all...
  • Re: Piston Slap: Why So Uncool Minivan?

    Dave W - Nate, yes it was the small engine pushing an overloaded bus with aerodynamically dubious camping gear on the roof so no wonder there were problems. On the...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1977 Mercury Comet Sedan

    Jeff Semenak - It took awhile to get up to speed but, I got pulled over by Michigan State Police doing 98 in a 55 zone. He wrote me up for 64 in a 55. This happened...
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    segfault - The driver’s floor mat of my 2009 Altima didn’t look quite that bad at around 45k when I replaced it with Nissan’s OEM rubber mats. The rubber...
  • Re: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Packing Tons Of Tech

    3Deuce27 - The ‘Miata’ already died, it is the MX5 now. And, the new design and upgrades appeals to a wider audience, those who would look at upscale...
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    segfault - The absence of carpet in the Element only makes the deafening noise from the lack of sound deadening even worse.
  • Re: 2016 Mazda MX-5 Packing Tons Of Tech

    3Deuce27 - I drive my vehicles a lot while sleeping, Lane Departure would be a nice feature as would blind spot, but I don’t want to pay for either or be forced...

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