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By on March 22, 2013

Is there something about cars and car companies that make people tend to believe that there are all sorts of conspiracies keeping us from driving the car of all our dreams? I ask the question because I can think of at least a half dozen urban legends, conspiratorial glosses put on actual events, and outright conspiracy fantasies that are or have been popular among car enthusiasts and the general public.

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By on June 6, 2011

The National High-Speed Train Network seems to go nowhere, fast. But wait, here’s the next big thing: (Read More…)

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  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    bunkie - I disagree. It’s stackable and when installed in locales that offer off-peak rates, the economics are pretty good compared to permanent backup generators....
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    VoGo - “I keep saying the same thing.” At last we agree on something.
  • Re: 2015 Volkswagen Golf R Review – Let’s Get Serious

    NeilM - @sproc: I bought 18″ aftermarket wheels to suit my taste. The originals, with their tires, went on eBay, which is not a recipe for...
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    Quentin - Their home power solution will have to go a lot further than it currently appears to go. They really need to expand on that to close the loop if they want to...
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    eManual - Gull wing doors are acceptable only in dry desert areas like Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, etc. For the rest of the country where it snows or rains,...
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    MLS - Well, it kind of looks like a minivan. At least more so than it resembles a traditional crossover or SUV. Frankly, the gullwing doors are the only thing the Model X...
  • Re: Jaguar Land Rover in U.S. Sticking With Diesel Despite Total Hatred

    Detroit-Iron - In the US at least, Jaguar is a veblen good. The only way the diesel will help them here is if it costs significantly...
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    bigtruckseriesreview @ Youtube - There is a single massive difference between the Model S and just about everything else that it competes with. THE PRICE TAG. Talk about...
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    Pch101 - “Tesla is a battery supplier and energy solutions company that also happens to sell cars to supplement is income” As the cars lose money, no income...
  • Re: QOTD: Could Tesla Still Go Under?

    ccd1 - There is also the 800 pound gorilla in the room: Apple. We don’t know much about their car, but it will probably be innovative and a premium product. That...

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