By on March 9, 2010

One of my pet gripes about the media and celebrities is the lack of follow-up and accountability. Remember all the hoopla about Steve Wozniak’s Prius with the mysterious electronics glitch that he could manipulate to create UA? My take was that obviously his cruise control had a minor bug that only showed up at over eighty mph. Woz readily admitted that he could disengage it with a tap on the brakes. Well, thanks to his celebrity status and the coverage, the story ended with Toyota agreeing to take his Prius for a week to test it thoroughly. So what happened? (Read More…)

By on February 2, 2010

The media and “celebrities” are making hay over the Toyota recall issue, desperate to find evidence of electronic and software gremlins. We’re adamant in stating that Toyota needs to change their software to give braking priority over a stuck pedal, and to replace the pedals, of course. And there may well be genuine software or electronic glitches out there, but we’d like to see solid evidence of them. Instead, we’re stuck listening to Steve Wozniak’s experience with a faulty cruise control on his Prius. It’s being spun as an example of Toyota’s electronics gremlins, creating  confusion and scare-mongering. As if there wasn’t enough of that already. (Read More…)

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  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    jkross22 - But isn’t the sporty realtor car of choice a GS350 F-sport? No manual sadly.
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    Corey Lewis - How’d your wife feel about this dangerous sounding woman?
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    jkross22 - You could lease a new Audi A4 sedan as they are now available with a manual. Quattro included. What about a late model 535xi. Available with a stick as well....
  • Re: Ace of Base: 2017 Volkswagen Golf S

    Rasputin - I don’t know your reason for wanting daughter to drive manual, but here are the reasons I bought my daughter a used Miata (10-yr-old well maintained...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    PrincipalDan - She had raven hair and olive skin, wore power suits with pencil skirts, and I recall soooo many animal print 4 in and above stiletto heels. Honestly...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    MikeS - OK, Alexis, I get it. But allow me some love for the Ion. I’ve owned two of them (a 2004 and my current ’07), and I have enjoyed them both. But as...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Dealers Gone Wild!

    JimC2 - The story is timeless; it could have just as easily happened 3.5 days ago as 3.5 years ago. And it likely did happen 3.5 days ago and will happen again- just...
  • Re: QOTD: When Will the Crossover Call It Quits?

    Corey Lewis - “And by the way, what is it that makes your AWD-AWC anything other than a two-door CUV coupé?” Yeah, they’re gonna put that...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    davefromcalgary - I have a very well cared for (ALWAYS dealer serviced) fully loaded 2014 Buick Verano T 6MT in beautiful metallic blue, with a set of powdercoated OEM...
  • Re: Ask Bark Brief: The Death of an Ion

    Corey Lewis - That LX sounds very nice, but I wouldn’t want that realtor. They have to be willing to show you the whole property!

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