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The D15B7 engine that Honda installed in my beater/daily-driver ’92 Civic DX was rated at 102 horsepower. Car and Driver managed to get the ’92 DX down the quarter-mile in 16.7 seconds… but that was at sea level, in a brand-new car. With its tired 200,000-mile engine gasping for air at 5,280 feet up, my Civic is definitely short on power in its new Colorado home. The good news is that I have an Integra GS-R B18C1 engine in the garage, and it’s getting swapped into my Civic very soon. That means I needed some “before” dragstrip numbers, so I can see just how much improvement the new engine will bring. Time to visit Bandimere Raceway for Test-&-Tune night! (Read More…)

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  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    David C. Holzman - The ideal market for this car is not the TTAC reader. The ideal market is people making in the high teens or 20s annually. There are a lot of people who...
  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    mharrell - Here in Washington my HMV Freeway must be licensed as a motorcycle but I need neither a helmet nor an endorsement to operate it. From what I’ve seen of the...
  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    David C. Holzman - The Elio is less than half the price of a Smart4two. (The Smart4two is way overpriced.)
  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    SCE to AUX - The technology, safety, emissions, fuel economy, and company financing are all pretty irrelevant to me. What really matters to me is this: That thing is really...
  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    David C. Holzman - Thanks!
  • Re: Piston Slap: MT 6-speed Hyundai Sonata…Coda?

    Exfordtech - Shotgun parts replacement based on trouble codes? You need to find a new mechanic. Symptom to system to component to root cause is not the...
  • Re: UAW, Political Leaders Uniting To Keep Wrangler In Ohio

    SCE to AUX - CJ is right. Over the years, Jeep has been passed around like a cheap date. The UAW likely has little say in where Jeep’s owners...
  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    mnm4ever - +1 @vogo That is also not accounting for the reduced wear and tear on your normal car, reduced maintenance, possible insurance savings by not using your regular...
  • Re: Piston Slap: Liberal Bleeding, Flushing Brake Fluid

    CobraJet - I agree. My 21 year old Silverado probably had a partial brake fluid change last year when the front calipers were replaced by my mechanic at...
  • Re: Paul Elio Responds to Skeptics

    bk_moto - I came here to say this as well. You’d be hard-pressed to find a modern motorcycle (excluding off-road-only dirt bikes with no lights etc) without electronic...

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