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When I write about cars, my words are inspired by the works of Leonard Setright. While I haven’t actually read a word of what he’s written I know his writing and have educated myself about it and its significance.

Just how silly did that sound? About as silly as an artist saying that he’s inspired by a work that he hasn’t actually seen. What’s this doing on a car site? The work of art is arguably the greatest piece of automotive fine art in the world. (Read More…)

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  • Re: High Praise Or Hyperbole?

    piggybox - Well in US, I haven’t seen any data so far to prove German cars are more durable than Japanese ones. You can find many statistics to prove the opposite though....
  • Re: Want To Buy A New Car? There Will Be An App For That

    mcs - A bitcoin transaction, especially on a Hellcat could be a way of repatriating offshore money. It could be done as a straight transaction –...
  • Re: This Week Is Challenger Week at TTAC

    FreedMike - I’m actually with Bill here…I haven’t heard the Hellcat, but I’ve heard the 392 in the current SRT…and it’s WONDERFUL....
  • Re: This Week Is Challenger Week at TTAC

    3Deuce27 - _ … “You don’t have to add 10k of options…” No, just another $10,000 in ADP, Options will be extra, and don’t forget the Gas Guzzler...
  • Re: This Week Is Challenger Week at TTAC

    3Deuce27 - Reg; “Engineering cars to dominate the track and then suck at everything else is just dumb.” Seems to me it makes them exquisitely better at...
  • Re: This Week Is Challenger Week at TTAC

    3Deuce27 - “Transcendent”R 30; ? OK, Bill, even a little hyperbole goes a little too far unless it is made in jest, but around here it abounds when it...
  • Re: This Week Is Challenger Week at TTAC

    doctorv8 - “Useless as a Veyron” in the curves? Have you tracked a Veyron? Know anyone who has?
  • Re: Review: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

    SCE to AUX - This is a bit like the common refrain that ‘rich’ people don’t mind driving unreliable cars with high repair costs. Mitsubishi –...
  • Re: High Praise Or Hyperbole?

    redav - It’s fantastic. I’m still getting used to it, so I can’t give an in-depth review. I got the big engine, and it’s completely worth it. It’s...
  • Re: Review: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

    DeadWeight - This is just my opinion, but as someone who is in his late 30s, and has mainly purchased/driven Japanese vehicles for the last 16 years, please, please,...

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