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A year ago, Qoros, the startup car company based on the business model of building cars in China with European engineering and Israeli capital, showed it’s first car, the compact Qoros 3 Sedan at the Geneva International Motor Show. In two months, Qoros will again use the Geneva show to debut a new car, this one the Qoros 3 Hatch. It is based on the same modular platform as the Qoros 3 Sedan and draws heavily on that model while showing what the company calls a “youthful evolution” of the company’s signature design elements in a more sporty direction. That means in addition to the new C pillars, roof panel, rear fenders, the tailgate and additional roof cross member to retain the structural rigidity needed to make a hatchback, the 3 Hatch gets a new front grille, bumper and fog lights. The interior offers new colors and materials while retaining most of the Sedan’s interior design. It’s slightly shorter than the sedan but maintains the same wheelbase and other general dimensions.

Since they share the same basic structure, Qoros expects the 3 Hatch to duplicate the 3 Sedan’s good crash test performance, which the company says was “ranked by Euro NCAP as the ‘safest car’ of 2013″. The 3 Hatch also will share the 3 Sedan’s 1. 6 liter naturally-aspirated and turbocharged gasoline engines, and its six-speed manual and dual-clutch automatic transmissions, and it will be assembled on the same Changshu, China production line as the Sedan. A diesel engine for both cars is under development.

“The new Qoros 3 Hatch will appeal to the modern metropolitan always-connected customer who needs a little extra versatility provided by the hatchback body style,” said Vice Chairman of Qoros, Volker Steinwascher. “It offers those with active outdoor lifestyles or young families extra practicality, combined with added coolness thanks to its more spirited, sporty look.”

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The Qoros 3 Sedan went on sale in its first market, Slovakia, last month. Zuzana Kubikova, the communications manager of AutoBinck, which is handling Qoros’ distribution and retail sales there, said that, “Qoros has chosen Slovakia as the pilot or research market for its brand new car Qoros 3 Sedan because it’s stable, it’s in central Europe, it has European currency and it’s a part of European Union. So within a small country Qoros can set up all the procedures necessary to import a car in Europe which is actually relevant for our China market, because China would like not only entering its own domestic market but also other regions like Europe, Middle-East and so on.”

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2013 Guangzhou Auto Show: Qoros 3 Launches in Home Market, Opens First Chinese Dealer, Introduces QorosCloud Fri, 22 Nov 2013 14:55:34 +0000 Qoros-3-Sedan-front-profile-lights-on

Qoros, the joint venture between the Israel Corp. and China’s Chery based on the business model of designing the cars in Europe and building them in China, took an important step as it introduced their Qoros 3 sedan to the Chinese market at the Guangzhou Auto Show. The car had earlier been shown to the public at the Geneva auto salon, but this is the first time it has appeared before an audience in its most important market. Qoros also announced that the first authorized Qoros dealer in China has been opened in Nanjing. dealers. The 3 sedan will be priced between 119,900 yuan ($19,680) and 167,900 yuan ($27,560), and it will be only the first model announced from what Qoros says will be a new model introduced to the Chinese market every six months for the near future. The next model is likely to be a compact crossover.


Qoros is promoting the car based on size and technology. It has the widest body in its segment and one of the longer wheelbases so the important-in-China backseat passengers will be comfortable. A large center stack touchscreen is hooked up to what Qoros calls the “QorosCloud“. Free internet access on the go via 3G is standard, with additional services available at extra cost. Qoros says that the Qoros 3 sedan has a world-class drag coefficient of 0.287.


The company also announced that it’s first dealershop opened its doors in Nanjing earlier this month, based on Qoros’ dealer guidelines for uniform buildings and equipment. Outside of China, Qoros continues the brand’s rollout in it’s first European market, Slovakia.

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China’s Qoros Earns 5-Star Crash Rating in Euro NCAP Testing Fri, 27 Sep 2013 13:26:06 +0000

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Automotive startup Qoros Auto Company has an interesting business model. Backed with the manufacturing know how of China’s Chery corporation, and the funds of the Israel Corp. holding company, controlled by the Israeli Ofer family, Qoros is designing cars in Europe to be sold in Europe, but built in China.


Of course it’s planning to sell cars in China as well but Qoros is hoping that success in Europe will allow it to be the first Chinese car company to compete well with the Europeans in its home market. Chinese consumers, like many consumers worldwide, do not have the highest regard for the perceived quality of Chinese products. To succeed on the continent, though, Qoros is going to have to overcome the image of Chinese cars in Europe, an image tainted with some of the worst crash test results ever achieved in European testing. A 2010 Landwind CV9 minivan made by Jiangling Motors Corp. got only two stars in Euro NCAP testing. That was actually an improvement over the Landwind X6 SUV whose 2005 crash testing was described by the German lab that performed the tests as “catastrophic.” The video of those catastrophic crash tests  (seen below) was widely circulated. It appears that Qoros must have done their homework because earlier this week the compact Qoros Sedan 3 earned a five-star crash test score from Euro NCAP, the highest possible score.

“The small family car showed good overall protection with high scores in all four areas of assessment and is a significant step up from previous Chinese exports,” Euro NCAP said.

Roger Malkusson, who is in charge of vehicle development for Qoros, said the score would help the auto maker distinguish itself from Chinese rivals when the Sedan 3, Qoros’ first model, goes on sale in a few weeks.

“It is important for us to show we are different,” Mr. Malkusson said in a phone interview with the Wall Street Journal. “We want to show that we are a high-quality brand…that we are really unique.”

Joining Mr. Malkussan, who came from the currently defunct Saab Automobile AB, at Qoros is Gerd Volker Hildebrand, who helped launch the Mini brand for BMW AG. They’ve hired veterans of Jaguar Land Rover and Volkswagen to fill out their executive ranks, and they’ve chosen respected European suppliers like Magna Steyr and AVL, both based in Austria, to provide components.

The Qoros Sedan 3 is being assembled at a completely new factory near the Shanghai coast and it will initially go on sale in China and in Eastern Europe before expanding into the rest of the EU. The Sedan 3 is planned to be the first of seven all new vehicles to be made by Qoros, and it is expected to be priced at around €20,000 ($26,946) in Europe.

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Detroit Jury Awards Millions In Malcolm Bricklin Fraud Suit Regarding Chery/Qoros JV Mon, 29 Jul 2013 21:54:59 +0000 Visionary-Vehicles-dealership-resized

Visionary Vehicles’ envisioned dealership

Malcolm Bricklin’s company, V Cars (formerly Visionary Vehicles), was awarded $2 million by a Detroit jury in U.S. District court. The lawsuit was filed after Bricklin’s failed effort to set up a joint venture with Chery to produce Chinese made cars for the North American market. The jury ruled that KCA Engineering, a company founded by former Visionary executive Dennis Gore while he was still an employee of Bricklin’s startup, had committed fraud as well as a number of other misdeeds. When Gore was first hired by Visionary, Bricklin said it was because of his expertise with Asian car manufacturers.

In the suit, V Cars LLC v. KCA Engineering LLC, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, No. 2:11-cv-12805, Bricklin accused Gore of using V Car’s proprietary information to assist Chery in launching the Qoros Automobile Co, in a joint venture with the Israel Corp holding company, controlled by the Ofer family.


Malcolm Bricklin and Chery CEO Yin Tongyao in cheerier days

Chery and Visionary Vehicles entered into a joint venture in December 2004. Weeks later Bricklin staged a guerrilla press conference in the lobby of Cobo Hall during the 2005 NAIAS media preview to hype the project, predicting that they’d be selling 150,000 Chinese cars in the United States by 2007. The JV was cancelled in 2006.


The suit against KCA is just one of a number of lawsuits filed by Bricklin in an assortment of countries to try collect damages over his soured deal with Chery. Litigation is continuing in V Cars LLC v. Chery Automobile Co et al., which seeks over a billion dollars in damages and lost projected earnings for what Bricklin claims was racketeering on the part of Chery.

In a 2009 interview with Car & Driver, Bricklin didn’t hold back on what he thought of Chery:

When Chery went from the bastard child of China to its favored son—because of what we were doing—and companies like Chrysler began to court them, they decided to see if they could screw me. Thought they would see if they could take it all back, and they did, and we’re suing them for $14 billion. China has the ability, they have the talent, they had the opportunity, but they don’t yet understand you can’t do business in the rest of the world the way they do business in China. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near them.

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Shanghai Auto Show: Qoros Debuts In China Sun, 21 Apr 2013 16:39:52 +0000

BMW Mini’s former chief designer Gert Hildebrand and Volkswagen’s former North America vice chief Volker Steinwascher enjoyed the adolations of the adoring masses when they unveiled their new Qoros brand at the Shanghai Auto Show.

The new brand is  a joint venture between China’s Chery and Israel’s Israel Corp..

The  company plans to start production with the Qoros 3 sedan at an initial capacity of 150,000 units.

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QWERTY: Audi Claims Letter Q, Sues Qoros Tue, 19 Feb 2013 16:01:27 +0000


The Chinese-Israeli co-production Qoros has not sold a single car yet, but it already finds itself in the legal hot seat. Via a temporary injunction of a court in Hamburg, Germany, Audi precluded Qoros from using – the letter Q.

Qoros 3 Sedan

„The letter Q is a protected part of our brand portfolio,“ Audi is quoted in Der Kfz-Betrieb. „If another car maker uses the letter Q for a name plate, then this affects us, of course.”

This, also of course, should trigger alarm bells at Nissan’s Infiniti. The luxury marque decided to Q-up all its cars behind the letter Q. However, Infiniti told Kfz-Betrieb that there are no complaints pending – yet . Or maybe, Audi does not want to get legally entangled with Nissan, but hopes that a Chinese manufacturer is automatically guilty of infringement. However, our legal researcher Chocolatedeath has found evidence of a prior settlement that shows Infiniti as the infringed party.

Audi Q7

German media report that the legal bluster is not about branded letters, but meant to “keep Qoros down,” as Die Welt writes.  “Is Audi scared of Chinese Qoros?” asks Focus.

Qoros  dropped the Q and calls its new car the  “Qoros 3 Sedan.”  Which could ring alarm bells at BMW …. But then, if I’d be Audi, I would be careful. The best-known Qs in China are the two Qs of the Chery QQ. Chery owns half of Qoros. Audi has a lot to lose in China …

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The Chinese Are Coming! Seriously Now Mon, 18 Feb 2013 18:56:29 +0000

Qoros 3 Sedan

At the Geneva auto show, the long awaited Chinese attack on the embattled European auto market will finally get started in earnest – with the help of German and Austrian engineers, and money from Israel. Qoros is a joint venture partnership between China’s Chery and the Israel Corporation. Qoros wants to be to Chery what Lexus is to Toyota and Acura to Honda. It also wants to be the key that unlocks foreign volume markets.


The names on the doors of the executive suite at Qoros sound like a who’s who of European automotive management: A former Executive Vice President of Volkswagen of America, Volker Steinwascher, is Vice Chairman. Gert Hilderbrand. before Chief Designer of MINI at BMW, is head of design. A former Chief Engineer of BMW, Klaus Schmidt, is in charge of engineering. Peter Matkin, formerly Chief Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, is in charge of the vehicle program.

Qoros 3 Sedan

The cars look a bit more conservative that the cow designs Hildebrandt showed two years ago.

First will be the Qoros 3 Sedan,due to be launched in China in the second half of 2013, with first European sales following later in the year. Launches of further Qoros models are promised at six month intervals.

Qoros 3 Estate Concept

“The car will attack the 6,000 euro more expensive VW Jetta,” reports Germany’s BILD Zeitung. The paper entertains its readers with the Landwind crashs from 2005, but also reports that the engines come from AVL in Austria, the engineering is from Magna Steyr, “and many parts come from Germany.”

Speaking of safety, Qoros says it “aims to achieve top scores on both European and Chinese crash tests for all its models.”

Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept

Chery is China’s largest independent automaker. In a stagnant Chinese market, independents are feeling the pinch by joint ventures between large multinationals and state-owned Chinese companies. Independents seek their salvation in exports, but, as we reported from the Global Automotive Forum in Chengdu, “exports usually come from backwards companies,” as Donfeng’s chairman Zhu referred to China’s second and third tier car companies. Chery wants to break that mold, exporting cars one can be proud of. To sell and to buy.


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Wholly Cow: China Collaborates With Isreal Israel On New Car Brand Sun, 04 Dec 2011 20:29:40 +0000

China might be going on a deadly brand binge as Bertel prognosticated. Here is a new brand that at least is worth a look: Qoros. It is a joint venture between Chery Automotive and Quantum LLC from Israel. The joint venture had been approved way back in 2007, but things slowed down soon after that – in 2008. Now they are back, with a very first concept car that looks – well, it looks like a cow.

Qoros wants to make high-quality cars to compete with the likes of Acura, Luxus, Infiniti, Volvo, and ultimately the German Three. Cars will be made for China and for export to Europe. No clear plans yet for export to the US or other markets.

The factory is based in the great city of Changshu in Jiangsu province. The R&D Center is in Shanghai, perhaps not a single well-paid designer would ever go to a place called Changshu. Quantum and Chery have to far invested 3.40 billion yuan, or 534 million US dollar. Engines will be newly designed by the Austrian company AVL and made in China by Chery.

An ambitious plan it is. But we like ambitious plans. Furthermore, Qoros managed to hire some hot shots.

1. as vice president: Volker Steinwascher, former Executive Vice President for Volkswagen North America (center on pic).

2. as chief designer: Gert Hildebrand, designer of the original new-Mini. Left.

3. as President and CEO: Guo Qian from Chery. You guessed it.

The cars: the weird looking cow car previews a compact sedan that has to hit the market in 2013. Next up is a compact hatchback, followed by an SUV, and followed again by some ‘EV products’. We will shall wait and see.

Dutchman Tycho de Feyter runs Carnewschina, a blog about cars in China, from Beijing, China. He also collects die-cast models of Chinese cars.





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