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By on May 3, 2012

“Ask an Engineer” is hosted by Andrew Bell, a mechanical engineer and car enthusiast. Andrew has his MASc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and has worked on Formula SAE teams, as well as alternative fuel technologies in Denmark and Canada. Andrew’s column will explore engineering topics in the most accessible manner possible.

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  • six42: Yep. If the element had normal doors I would’ve kept mine. The ‘trapped in the parking lot’...
  • six42: Replied to wrong comment
  • Eric the Red: I have a 2012 Flex SE. Background, Bought a new 2008 Buick Enclave for the family vehicle and loved it...
  • sirwired: I could have gone for one of these if it were smaller; I like the boxy look (and utility), but don’t...
  • thelaine: Woo hoo! You guys are awesome.

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