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By on January 28, 2014
Photo courtesy of golden2husky

Photo courtesy of golden2husky

Last week, I wrote a short article about my impending relocation to Kansas and asked for your input on my plan to purchase some kind of an old car to play around with while I am there. I got a huge response and, thanks to so many people’s thoughtful responses, I’m already considering cars I might otherwise have passed right over. Since the move is still some months away, the article was intended to help launch my search and I was having fun reading everyone’s replies and cross checking the various suggestions on Craigslist when, about 235 comments in, I got an interesting offer… (Read More…)

By on January 1, 2011

Yes, somehow a Ford Probe— one of the least reliable cars in 24 Hours of LeMons history— has taken the overall win at a 24 Hours of LeMons race. Not only that, the BoomPowSurprise Probe won by a commanding 32-lap margin, meaning the car could have nuked its engine with nearly an hour to go and still won. (Read More…)

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  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    Lie2me - No, if you wanted a Toyota Chevy you’d have to get a CorollaNova, if you could find one
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    jrmason - Lie2me, I think its safe to assume you live in a city. If I am right, your assertations are mostly correct. Passenger vehicle diesels don’t make as...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    Crabspirits - Since everyone else is throwing out hilarious, wild suggestions for the car’s failure like lack of steering wheel buttons and the need for it to...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    APaGttH - The Challenger R/T in Orange black are part of the Hertz premium collection. At the lot they’re parkednext to the Hertz Mustang, Corvette, C-Class,...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    bigtruckseriesreview @ Youtube - #1 starting a sentence with “there is no God” makes you sound ridiculous – whether it’s true or not. #2...
  • Re: A Brief History Of The Oil Crash

    tjh8402 - @lietome – filling up with the warning light on is usually around 16 gallons so gas prices would have to drop quite a bit more for me to see a $22 fill up....
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    lonborghini - Toyota badges are readily available at your local auto salvage yard. You can glue a toyota badge to whatever you like.
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    jrmason - Not sure exactly where “here” is for you, but there are more diesels on the market today than ever have been in the states. And with CR...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    PeteRR - It’s Scion FRQBZ, not a Toyota Celica. Toyota dealerships sell Chevy Malibu’s also, albeit used, but that doesn’t make them Toyotas.
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    lonborghini - A five door hatchback would not be a sports car, much less an FR-S/BRZ.

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