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Passenger pigeons were the most common bird found in North America. So common that flocks numbering 2 billion were up to a mile wide and 300 miles long. In other words, the average North American in the 18th and 19th Century saw a lot of these pigeons. You could easily argue that a passenger pigeon sighting in 1812 was something on the same scale today as seeing mind-numbing crap on TV. Not a particularly noteworthy or unique experience. So what took the passenger pigeon down? It was a combination of things but the biggest factor was that these pigeons tasted pretty good (a lot like chicken) and they were plentiful-hence a cheap source of food.bThey were wiped out at the pace of millions per year, so the last documented passenger pigeon named Martha died on September 1st 1914. In other words, something the average American had seen every day was extinct in a matter of a few decades. Quick extinction of a very common species is not a phenomenon exclusive to Mother Nature because cars can disappear overnight too. Here are a few that will soon be joining that “whatever happened to…” list.
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  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    THX1136 - To be totally impractical I would like a minty fresh 72 Charger (68 thru 70 would be nice also), 84 Shelby Charger or a 68/69 Mustang. I’ve owned the first two and...
  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    Kyree S. Williams - I have a family friend with a TC by Maserati, in a tasteful cream color. He has the removable hardtop, too. The poor guy keeps it tucked away, thinking...
  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    JohnTaurus_3.0_AX4N - Convert to BEV. Done. And I have driven classics, including ones with modern engines (not fully electric conversions, of course, it is doable but not...
  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    Zackman - I agree – the last of the 1970’s classic GM mid-sizers. A work associate bought a 1981 Gran Prix new. A very nice ride, complete with T-Tops. The Riviera...
  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    Arthur Dailey - I like Danny’s enthusiasm, but in my estimation the paint jobs and colour combinations that they use are just plain awful. And taking survivor vehicles and...
  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    Kyree S. Williams - Right. And we lose access to some really cool cars because of it. I definitely think that’s what Ford is trying to prevent with their selective...
  • Re: Piston Slap: Submit Your Questions, Keep The Lights On

    True_Blue - That is one of the most unique projects I’ve seen in a very long time – and that’s not a backhanded comment or damning...
  • Re: Trump Angers the Germans; BMW Won’t Pull a Ford With Its Mexican Plant

    28-Cars-Later - e/jefferson/democracy-nothing- more-mob-rule “It should be noted though,...
  • Re: QOTD: Yelling at the TV?

    Kyree S. Williams - For me, it’s the ’79 – ’85 GM E-bodies, which include the Buick Riviera, Cadillac Eldorado and Oldsmobile Toronado. Maybe it’s...
  • Re: Trump Angers the Germans; BMW Won’t Pull a Ford With Its Mexican Plant

    Tstag - The EU will simply retaliate. I’m fairly sure US car makers build cars in Mexico which they export to Europe....

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