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  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    jhefner - Used to be quite popular even in the 1980s. I must say I am surprised my father picked this color out, most likely because it was the only car available on the lot. But...
  • Re: Last First-Gen Volvo XC90 Rolls Out Of Torslanda

    zamoti - What are you talking about, there was a T6: Volvo_XC90
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    CoreyDL - So because there were lots of blue sedans FIFTY years ago, today a blue sedan is a cliche and nobody wants one. I’m sorry that doesn’t hold water. The people...
  • Re: Last First-Gen Volvo XC90 Rolls Out Of Torslanda

    zamoti - I love the crazy idea of a boosted 4cyl + hybrid with no intention of increasing fuel economy. I’m sure it’ll probably be a huge pain...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1986 Buick Somerset

    Nichodemus - I am pretty sure my mom had that same steering wheel in her ’89 Pontiac Sunbird. I’d say something, but I drove a Grand Marquis that had a...
  • Re: Don’t Drink the Google Kool-aid: Autonomy’s Limits in Three Sips

    KixStart - And my point was, between Delphi and GM, it hadn’t happened. At least not in a meaningfully big way. I am 100%...
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Mandalorian - CAFE, Upselling, whatever. The biggest issue is DEMAND, or therefore lack of it. To me, it seems like 90% of Camrys I see in the wild are 4-Cyl. Honestly, for the...
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Astigmatism - I love my Acura! Unfortunately, it’s from 2008.
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Lorenzo - On new cars, I’m more concerned about the electronics over time than the mechanicals. You can maintain the mechanical bits, but the electronic stuff deteriorates...
  • Re: EPA Mandates Real-World Testing For All Automakers

    PrincipalDan - Yup. The funny thing is that back in those days Nixion was still considered a conservative. Now-a-days the party would be red faced...

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