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By on November 9, 2014

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Jalopnik’s second annual exhibition of films and videos with automotive themes opened in Manhattan this past week. A film festival concerning cars is a great idea and not only does The Truth About Cars salute Jalopnik for establishing and continuing such an enterprise, TTAC had a small role, no pun intended, in the selection of the festival’s films this year.

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By on April 11, 2014

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Let’s face it, most of what you read at car related sites, just like you do at sites for other interests, industries and hobbies, talks about the same usual topics. In the case of car enthusiast sites, the same cars, the same commercials, the same companies. Maybe that’s why it’s exciting when I’m ranging far afield of the automotive realm on the web and I come across something that I’m pretty sure will be of interest to TTAC readers and it also happens to be something that you probably haven’t seen anyplace else. In this case I was doing my rounds of some of the non-automotive sites I link to from Cars In Depth and I came across a brand new short dramatic film called The Sunday Morning Drive about a beautiful woman in a 430 horsepower Audi R8 racing more than 3 dozen sportbikes up a winding and treacherous 14 mile stretch of California’s Pacific Coast Highway.

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    RobertRyan - In reality the exact opposite is happening . I would assume more and more will be moved to Mexico, as it is part of NAFTA. Canada as one of the main players in...
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    RobertRyan - Interesting what they will send there in the future as other companies are moving some production there
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    Kyree S. Williams - “Have you ever been stuck in really slow moving traffic and noticed the sea of nearly uniform ugliness and blah-ness formed by the rolling wave of...

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