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2014 Nissan Versa Note Hatchback Exterior-007

I seem to be the only car guy with a soft spot for the Versa. My peers at Car and Driver, Consumer Reports and Autoblog (among others) came off less than impressed by the least expensive car in America when we were all invited to its launch. That left me scratching my head. So I borrowed another one and came to the same conclusion: “Versa delivers a totally unobjectionable experience at a very compelling price.” This apparent disconnect bothered me for a while but I wrote it off as a “lack of perspective” suffered by my peers in the biz. Seriously guys, what do you expect out of the cheapest car in America? The new 2014 Versa Note however isn’t the cheapest car in America, nor is it the cheapest hatch in America. How does it stack up? Nissan flew me to San Diego to find out.

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  • Re: Attack Of The Orphaned Acuras

    dal20402 - That Legend Sedan blows my mind. It’s one of my favorite cars ever. I wish Honda would go back to a longitudinal FWD platform for its biggest sedans, even at...
  • Re: Lincoln Turning To Proper Names For Future Models

    300zx_guy - IIRC, Acura’s reason for going away from model names was that the names of the models had better recognition than the name of the brand,...
  • Re: Lincoln Turning To Proper Names For Future Models

    Conslaw - Can you imagine how many units the top German cars would sell if they had proper names that would drive the buyers crazy, you know, like...
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    dal20402 - “The V8 is gone” Huh. How about that. I missed that when it happened. Not that I’d be likely to buy one anyway, but that would make it...
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    Pch101 - Excess dealers have to be supported with financing and inventory. When they compete against each other, they push down prices, which harms the brand.
  • Re: 2015 Infiniti QX70S RWD Review

    dal20402 - “For giggles, the ride height of an Outback is 8.7″.” Yep. Love my Forester’s 8.5″ clearance. It’s excellent on two-track...
  • Re: Lincoln Turning To Proper Names For Future Models

    Pch101 - I am willing to bet that a psychological /mnemonics study would find that most three-letter combinations are more difficult to remember than...
  • Re: Attack Of The Orphaned Acuras

    Ryoku75 - Up the road from me theres a late 90’s practically mint Integra, all stock, only good Integra I’ve ever seen. If I knew the owners I’d love to...
  • Re: Attack Of The Orphaned Acuras

    kablamo - This is great to see, all that’s missing is shots of the interior and engine bays! I’ve got a stock 5 speed Prelude with 80k miles you might like to...
  • Re: Lincoln Turning To Proper Names For Future Models

    tresmonos - Also, get another plant contract in Louisville. I will meet you up for a beer. I was hoping you’d get some action on the new paint shop...

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