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By on May 22, 2013


At just 10:30 AM the sun was already near its full zenith and it beat down upon the city of Osaka with an intense, angry glare. Waves of heat shimmered up from the pavement and superheated the air which blew around in tepid, weak breezes that offered little respite. Perhaps later, the column of heat created by the great city’s many square miles of pavement would spark a sudden thunderstorm as it rose high into the stratosphere and the resultant rain would bring relief as it cascaded down and turned the streets into raging torrents. For now, however, there was only the glare of the sun, the stifling heat and, for me, the thought that riding an 1100 cc air cooled sport bike in a full set of leathers was a choice I should have avoided making.

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  • seanx37: It’s not 40k. Nothing that says Buick on it has gone out the door at sticker price since 1987. These...
  • akear: It looks like a 200 with a Alfa Romeo grill. It will flop big time. What a disgrace!
  • seanx37: $63k for small, slow, extremely unreliable car that gets crap mileage. With no resale. That’s two...
  • Fred: Looks like a nice car if it’s half way reliable. I’d wait until the second year at least.

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