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By on February 12, 2015


A preview of things to come for a full-size crossover, the Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV bowed at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

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By on January 30, 2015


Those waiting for the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV to come to North America will need to keep holding their breath until next year.

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By on January 28, 2015

samsung 111

Currency fluctuations and a lack of volume helped bring an end to a deal that would have seen Mitsubishi sell Renault-Samsung vehicles as their own in North America, according to a report by Just-Auto.

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By on January 26, 2015

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Mitsubishi dealers are in for a rush of new product, including a new Outlander PHEV and a Mirage sedan. But one vehicle that won’t be arriving is an all-new sedan based on a Renault-Samsung vehicle.

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By on January 23, 2015


Well, looks like the Mitsubishi Mirage is now available for less than $10,000 CAD. For you Americans out there, that’s roughly $8,000 for a brand new car. And you have two other choices as well.

Hat tip Darin at Mirage Forum.

By on January 22, 2015



The Outlander hasn’t proved terribly popular among TTAC reviewers, but this teaser from Mitsubishi promises something more rugged.

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By on January 22, 2015

2015 Mitsubishi Outlander GT side

To say that Mitsubishi has been struggling on the North American market would be an understatement. Long gone are the days of the capable Montero, hot-selling Galant, and the exotic 3000GT. For years the Outlander Sport has been the company’s bread winner and the Lancer Evolution its only icon. In order to jumpstart its sales, in 2014 Mitsubishi dove deep into the highest volume markets with the introduction of the inexpensive Mirage and the third generation of its three-row CUV, the Outlander.

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By on January 15, 2015


The Nissan Micra has officially lost its title as “Canada’s Least Expensive New Car”. Now, the cheapest new car is now the Hyundai Accent.

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By on January 15, 2015

Messy (1)

TTAC reader James Federico sends us his take on life with a Mitsubishi Delica

“It’s a Mitsubishi Delica”

“Japan originally, but I bought it from a dealer in London”

“About 10 grand”

These are the first three sentences I speak any time I exit my van within twenty feet of another human being. There are other questions, depending on the age and interests of the person asking them:

“Do you go off road?”
“Is it hard to drive over there?”
“Is it hard to get parts?”

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By on December 30, 2014


Above is what the final Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X will likely resemble when it hits showrooms in the coming year.

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