By on September 3, 2012

I’ve been maintaining an unhealthy obsession the Mitsubishi Cordia for a while now, but what about the hatchback Cordia’s sedan sibling, the Tredia? Very, very few Tredias made it into the United States, and I thought I’d never see one in a wrecking yard… but look at what I just found in California! (Read More…)

By on October 18, 2011

So there’s this gaijin with one-piece injection-molded plastic hair, like Ken, and he’s firing up the Tredia in some Delysidic maze. Then he sees these, uh, geese(Read More…)

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  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    CJinSD - West Germany made the best cars. Ever since reunification, they’ve been chock full of idiotic initiatives and complacency. That they don’t self...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    MrIcky - BMW’s have just become more and more quietly competent, there wasn’t a single point in time. They have become every bit as much of a refrigerator as...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    Ryoku75 - The way that I see it Honda only got better, they went from making cramped under-powered FWD cars to making spacious sedans with some actual power behind them....
  • Re: US Transportation Department Recommends Automatic Braking For NCAP

    Cameron Aubernon - Source article said 2013.
  • Re: Cadillac Gaining 700 Boutiques To Augment Flagship Stores

    nickoo - Lie to me, get away with what? I was responding to what sun ridge wrote above…specifically about Buick USA. Buick USA and Buick...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    Ryoku75 - Thats interesting, with flaws like eating the lower control arms I can see why BMW canned the E39. One of these days I want to drive an older Bimmer just to see...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    smartascii - I don’t think BMW was gunning for Mercedes. I think they were both taken aback by the success of Lexus in the early 90s and realized that Lexus’...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    vvk - Yes, of course. I have owned: 1989 Subaru Justy 4WD RS 1986 SAAB 900S 16V 1994 Subaru Impreza L Wagon 1995 Subaru Legacy L AWD 1998 Subaru Impreza 25RS 1995 Honda...
  • Re: Capsule Review: 2015 Jeep Renegade

    Lie2me - “You’re making some big assumptions about engineering control in the design and manufacturing process. ” I thought you were by taking your knowledge...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    Maymar - Eh, I’d put “something new and different from the market” as a bit of a stretch, following the Benz ML (which aged even worse) and the Lexus RX...

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