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By on December 14, 2012


Tens of thousands of vehicles are up for auction every week in nearly every state in this country.

With that much variety, you’re sure to find something interesting. A 30 year old Lebaron Convertible from the bad old days of Chrysler (now mine). A 38 year old Chevy stuck in the noxious funk of the malaise era (mine too).

And of course… an endless array of decade plus old Panthers. Sometimes they are taxis. Other times you find one that came straight from a livery service.

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  • Re: Is Jeep Carrying The Rest of FCA?

    CoreyDL - I saw a (I think) premium trim Outlander Sport in white, and it really caught my eye. Not a bad looking car, even if it’s a bit small. I can see the...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    autojim - Well, at least they changed the oil. Honda stores seem to have a problem with wall-jobbing. I’ve seen the aftermath of a few, but none quite as spectacular as...
  • Re: OFFICIAL: 2017 Audi A4 Goes Bigger, Lighter With Predictable Styling

    Ryoku75 - I dont care much for the Hyundai front grille, the rest of the cars refreshingly modest.
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    sirwired - My personal pet peeve is shops that neglect checking the tire pressure. (Both my local VW and Toyota dealerships have screwed that up.) And those that slam on the...
  • Re: Piston Slap: The Lambda V6 Half Life? (Part II)

    Mieden - That Mark VIII is a beaut. I always loved them in black, but that purple-ish/Tungsten is quite nice also. Do you still have the airbags or have you...
  • Re: Is Jeep Carrying The Rest of FCA?

    CoreyDL - Yaaas.
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    AlfaRomasochist - The first time I ran across this was when a college buddy paid something like $60 for a “well regarded” indy mechanic to replace the serpentine...
  • Re: Mitsubishi Will Soon Sell the Least Powerful V6 in America

    CoreyDL - Gotcha. By the same token, I think I might be leery of taking my M to the Nissan dealer. Something tells me I’d leave with door...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    gmichaelj - I am sure that you are right in that… “9/10 “wall jobs” like this are purely the result of ineptitude or laziness of an individual rather than an actual...
  • Re: No Fixed Abode: Walljobbed.

    JimC2 - I was gonna say something to this effect- I wouldn’t rule out the tech simply screwed up (or screwed off). Of course, he or she is getting paid not to screw up...

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