By on July 25, 2014



If you want an Aston Martin Lagonda, you must meet two requirements

  1. Get an invite from Aston Martin
  2. Live in the Middle East

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By on November 8, 2013

Ford Ranger International

From the Blade Runner future in Dubai to the shores of Tripoli, Ford aims to launch an aggressive campaign in the Middle East and Africa markets through the creation of a fifth business unit that will consolidate the Blue Oval’s operations in the two regions.

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By on January 30, 2012


An Egyptian sheikh has declared Chevrolet products “haram” (or forbidden, in Arabic) but the culprit this time isn’t the “Zionists”. It’s Christians.

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By on February 5, 2009

According to a study by the Consumer Federation of America (PDF), relatively low gas prices haven’t done much to change consumer trends towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. This revelation comes amid claims that small car demand was artificially inflated by high gas prices and increased truck production from General Motors. The survey asked respondents to rate the importance of gas prices, global warming and US dependence on Middle East oil over the next five years, with 76 percent reporting “great concern” for gas prices and energy independence.

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  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1982 Datsun 280C aka Nissan Cedric

    28-Cars-Later - I like its “future” looks too although I have no personal experience with the model.
  • Re: 2017 Jeep Wrangler To Remain Body-On-Frame

    28-Cars-Later - Personally I wouldn’t take down a profit center to experiment with a new design. Either there will be another plant used for an aluminum...
  • Re: On Tesla, Michigan And Factory Stores

    sirwired - Seriously? Do you mean to say that carmakers, if they set up their own stores, would utterly ignore the trade-in process, and not offer consumers financing...
  • Re: Is Scion’s Next New Car A Station Wagon?

    wstarvingteacher - On my second Nissan cube. (cue the derision concerning looks). Probably will be driving them for as long as they make them. Over 30mpg and...
  • Re: On Tesla, Michigan And Factory Stores

    dal20402 - But even if you wanted to pay full retail for a new car (which is inflated to give dealers room to screw people over) you still have to waste your time...
  • Re: On Tesla, Michigan And Factory Stores

    sirwired - “I don’t care for them myself, but the issue of franchise protection is a different matter. The dealers have a legitimate concern; it isn’t cheap or...
  • Re: On Tesla, Michigan And Factory Stores

    dal20402 - The thing is, franchise laws do protect one party, but they do so at the expense of two other parties: the car company that might be able to derive...
  • Re: On Tesla, Michigan And Factory Stores

    Acd - For all of the people who hate franchise dealers here’s how you can have the same experience that factory stores offer: just pay full retail for the new...
  • Re: On Tesla, Michigan And Factory Stores

    sirwired - “As I pointed out to you, for the dealers, it’s a franchise protection issue. If you had spent a million bucks or more on a store, would you want a...
  • Re: 2017 Jeep Wrangler To Remain Body-On-Frame

    Hummer - Why not offer both, the current wrangler is selling as fast as they’re made, if a new aluminum that costs more can’t outsell the steel...

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