By on December 2, 2010

Memorable (def): 1. worth remembering 2. easily remembered

Maurauder (def): one who raids for booty

In yesterday’s Cougar CC, I claimed there were only three Mercuries truly worth remembering. The Marauder X-100 wasn’t on the list, and many of you protested. Fortunately, there are two definitions for the word, and the Marauder is certainly easily remembered; more like impossible to forget. And what exactly is it memorable for? Its booty. So how could we possibly not honor that? (Read More…)

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  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - We kill everybody else; men, women, children, elderly, juvenile, geniuses, retarded, domestic, foreign, guilty, innocent; why should unborn fetuses be exempt?
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - It’s not at all clear that intelligence is the sole driving factor for the success of our species, nor that there is some kind of monotonic relationship between...
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - The police in some locations have suggested that their parking lot might be a good spot for Craigslist and similar transactions.
  • Re: GM Gives Away 2016 Chevrolet Malibu, Invests $174 Million In Kansas

    Paddan - Too bad it’s not a 5 door hatchback. It would work well with its exterior lines. And be unusual in its class.
  • Re: Was the First-Generation Volt a Success or Failure?

    Big Al from Oz - After reading the comments above I do think many people are disregarding the reality of the Eco Cars. If the market was ready for these...
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - And guns. And ammo. Of course, if you have guns and ammo, you can get all those other things; a little harder to get gas and vehicles via that method, though.
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - At the risk of repeating myself, a while back I figured out…. that any given time, there are maybe a dozen, maybe a hundred, maybe even a thousand real human...
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - Actually, I observed years ago that it made sense to have your kids early; not only were you healthier and more active when they needed attention and time and energy,...
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - Don’t forget, in most cases the male is older than the female. Between 21 and 16 there’s a vast gulf of experience and power.
  • Re: Hammer Time: The $700 Repo

    gzuckier - Well over there (China) there are a sizable number of grandparents raising their grandkids because it’s traditional to do so, thereby allowing their adult...

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