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Remember the DIY Lamborghini? In a garage somewhere in the less picturesque parts of Beijing, a man built a Lamborghini Diablo replica, fiberglass on hand-welded frame. No industrious Chinese will allow something like that to be forgotten as a one-off lunatic hobby project. Half a year later … (Read More…)

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  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    Bark M. - Considering you choose to hide behind your anonymous screenname, with vague allusions to your accomplishments, I find it odd that you, in particular, would...
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    seth1065 - DW, Were you cut off by a Caddy ATS today, you seem more stressed than ever, maybe you have should order decaf at the Caddy coffee shop. As I said I missed...
  • Re: Review: Last Call: Chrysler Pacifica

    dodgeman69 - It’s an old thread by I feel the need to reply to the haters. .. Bought a Pacifica because of the size, weight, and safety for my wife to learn to...
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    CoreyDL - They had their Monster Energy in stock at the 7/11 that day, so it’s okay. The absolutely unbalanced nature of the moderating system is very unappealing.
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    WhiskeyRiver - I ran an IRC channel for many years. Some may recall those days. It was before internet forums were popular and lasted for a good while after forums came...
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    Land Ark - There’s a guy I work with who always asks good and relevant questions. The problem is, he ALWAYS asks them. It ends up being bothersome when we’re...
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    bball40dtw - And then someone posts something with four special edition VWs packaged as a bulk sale and we all make fun of the price with no retribution by the...
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    MrGreenMan - Well, now we know from this article: The gentlemen involved resolved it themselves. That’s the best kind of resolution.
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    DeadWeight - Poor you, Mark. I know you pretend to be unaffected by my microaggressions (asking legitimate questions about your previously undisclosed work, as in...
  • Re: About Commenting and Self-Policing

    Lou_BC - I don’t get them confused. They have their own personalities that are present in their writing.

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