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By on June 1, 2013


Fiat 500e LCD Gauges, Picture Courtesy of Alex L. Dykes

Day three dawned with a nearly full battery, the exact level seemed unimportant to me. Perhaps it’s the Range Anxiety patch I ordered online for three easy payments of $9.99, or my new-found confidence in tripping across EV stations. Either way I decided bold action was required. I set the climate control to 68 and headed up the hill.

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    MrGreenMan - You guys could always do a knock-off version of TTAC editors past and present; instead of the Jeremy Clarkson video you could have the Bertel Schmidt shibari segment; it...
  • Re: Top Gear, Ruined

    Corollaman - Maybe now we’ll look back fondly on the US Top Gear? I doubt it.
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    Crabspirits - Correct. They should never suspect a thing. What a great plan. You’ve done it again, Crab.
  • Re: Top Gear, Ruined

    DeadWeight - The last season was so bad, from a writing/script, effort (phoned in) & lack of creativity perspective, I genuinely believe Clarkson sabotaged the then-current show (if...
  • Re: Digestible Collectible: 1997 Honda Prelude SH

    Featherston - Wow, an image search does confirm CJ’s claim. Sadly, the N-body design comes from an earlier time, so it wouldn’t be appropriate to...
  • Re: Lemon or Lemonade?: A Visit to Yokosuka’s Vehicle Resale Lot

    05lgt - And a van more recently?
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    tankinbeans - The holier than thou attitude comes from the same place as those exagerrating their driving prowess while saying things like,...
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    Lou_BC - davefromcalgary – I’m with you in the fact that I can’t build any interest in one of these. The same can be said for the Wrangler...
  • Re: Top Gear, Ruined

    Big Al from Oz - For what it was, Top Gear was fantastically entertaining. I actually think many “non car types” watched it for it’s comedy. The BBC has fncked Top Gear....
  • Re: Top Gear, Ruined

    05lgt - Donald Trump for Jezzer, Apolo Ohno for the Hamster, and David Rees for Captain slow. Wait! None of them has anything to do with cars! (Just like the cancelled version?) JB for...

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