By on May 4, 2010

Having recently done the Ultimate CC Truck, what would its passenger car counterpart be? Let me ask it this way: how many cars have their owners replace their V8 engines with a slant six? If you understand the true attraction of Chrysler’s A-Bodies with the slant six as the ultimate long-life American car, you’ll understand why. There are several dozen A-bodies in Eugene, and I have shot many of them, and yet I still keep uncovering new ones. Many are still used to some degree or another, although most are clearly slowing down in their old age. Not this ’65 Valiant: it’s in full front-line duty, as the business vehicle for an energy specialist that regularly takes him all across the North West. Needless to say, he’s also the ultimate A-Body owner, with his type-A attention to modifying his Valiant in a way to keep it suitable for his preferences and today’s conditions. This baby is good to go for the long haul. (Read More…)

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  • USAFMech: Hmmm, the sky is blue in here, arach. I wonder what color it is in Matt’s reality?
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  • APaGttH: Who buys them? People with awful credit, little money, a desire for a new vehicle and a need for 7 seats. In...
  • DenverMike: This comment was @BAFO (obviously)

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