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Let people go to Chengdu to satisfy prurient desires. I went to Chengdu to visit the Sanhe Classic Car Museum. I found a car that was really for the chosen few, a fantastic Hongqi CA773 Parade Car. The parade car was based on the CA773 sedan which was made from 1969 until 1976. This particular parade car was made in 1974. (Read More…)

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  • Re: Michigan State Police Say Most Speed Limits are Too Low

    28-Cars-Later - @DubTee1480 That’s good to know, and I certainly was not aware. However my accessories consist of an headphone cable. @bball,...
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    bball40dtw - BTSR- I will agree that the most cost effective way to obtain a truck in the US is by leasing a RAM. If someone must have a V8 on a budget, the RAM is the...
  • Re: Reader Review: 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen

    segfault - I was about to say, the GLI’s turbo isn’t sleeping above 1,200 rpm or so. There’s barely any lag at all, certainly much less...
  • Re: Ford Territory Gets A Final Send Off

    Pch101 - I saw the Taurus in Australia. Compared to the Falcon, it wasn’t too impressive. (A moment of embarrassment for the visiting Yank.) I do think that Ford...
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    jim brewer - Recliner,the sweet spot is a no option xl. While the xlt isn’t as bad as the higher trim levels it is still bad. 4×4 is a$4500 option. Basic trim...
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    tresmonos - 3M adhesive remover + dental floss or safety razor. Just make sure to re-wax the paint after you use the stuff.
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    Lou_BC - Yup a Ram ecodiesel laramie longhorn 4×4 with a 6ft 4inch bed and 851 lb of capacity. I’d rather have an appropriately sized cargo capacity than a V8...
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    Z71_Silvy - What manufacturer has a 165hp, 6.7L V8?
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    cronus - The price of aluminum is about $.90 a pound and the price of steel is about $.40 a pound. What’s that come out to extra per vehicle? I’d guess $600...
  • Re: Piston Slap: A Rather Thirsty Escort?

    Marcelo de Vasconcellos - There’s no escape once these guys focus on this game. I’m going to go out on an edge here and say I’ll throw a fiesta...

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