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Two weeks ago, Honda kind enough to throw open the doors of their museum in Torrance, California, which houses a collection of significant vehicles sold by the company. There’s something for everyone here, from the smallest N600 to the NSX, along with all sorts of detritus located in a secret corner of the warehouse space. Allow us to take you on a virtual tour below the jump.

LosAngelesJune6th 039

The N600 – one of Honda’s first efforts in North America, and a striking doppleganger for the original Mini, no? It wouldn’t surprise me if Honda was “inspired” by Sir Alec’s creation.

LosAngelesJune6th 040


The funkier looking Z600.

LosAngelesJune6th 046Speaking as someone who was born long after these cars had oxidized, I was amazed at how thin the door panels were compared to modern cars.

LosAngelesJune6th 043

LosAngelesJune6th 053

LosAngelesJune6th 054

In the corner were some wheels and tires for a 1973 Civic. They don’t look much bigger than my go-kart tires.

LosAngelesJune6th 042

A 1973 Civic. That same year, one of my Grandfather’s congregants approached him and said “Rabbi, I am selling a new car, from Japan. It’s called the Honda Civic.” My grandfather was a die-hard Detroit guy up until then, but he took a chance on Mr. Reddinger’s new car. People laughed at him…until winter came, and he had no problems with traction. Or filling up the gas tank. My grandparents drove the car until it literally fell apart. My grandfather’s last car was a 1991 Accord that he purchased off my Dad.

LosAngelesJune6th 057


A Civic wagon.

LosAngelesJune6th 058The interior is, as Bring-A-Trailer would say, “period correct”. I haven’t seen red/burgundy upholstery since the early 1990′s Chevrolet Lumina.

LosAngelesJune6th 059


Hang on to your hands, B&B. A brown wagon with a manual transmission. This one has 68 original miles.

LosAngelesJune6th 063


I am digging the houndstooth fabric seat covers. It looks like one of my father’s old sport coats.

LosAngelesJune6th 069


A Civic Si hatch.

LosAngelesJune6th 067These EF sedans were a staple of my childhood. Every year, my mother would get a new one, always in white.

LosAngelesJune6th 071


Sadly, this car is automatic.

LosAngelesJune6th 070Inside the museum is a replica of the first American Honda store at 4077 West Pico in Los Angeles. Outside sit an N600 and something on two wheels.

LosAngelesJune6th 072Inside is a veritable treasure trove of Honda goodies…

LosAngelesJune6th 075


All those 10 Best awards for the Accord? They have to go somewhere.

LosAngelesJune6th 076Badges of all kinds.

LosAngelesJune6th 074An oil painting of Senna during the McLaren years

LosAngelesJune6th 080


Old brochures

LosAngelesJune6th 079And even this diorama. I suppose that’s Asimo about to dock a spacecraft with a Ridgeline.

LosAngelesJune6th 089


Across from the Civics was a row dedicated to the Accord. What a metamorphosis it’s gone through, from hatchback

LosAngelesJune6th 091

To brown sedan

LosAngelesJune6th 093To tan sedan (with flip-up lights)

LosAngelesJune6th 096To station wagon (another relic of the Kreindler family. My brother and I threw up in the back of countless examples of these)

LosAngelesJune6th 094


To coupe. And they all had 4-cylinder engines.

LosAngelesJune6th 116


Acura wasn’t forgotten either.

LosAngelesJune6th 106


LosAngelesJune6th 127


LosAngelesJune6th 126


Nor were Honda’s greener efforts.

LosAngelesJune6th 012


But this is what I was really here to see.

LosAngelesJune6th 015


Next to the Insights and fuel cell concepts sat a 1991 NSX with 80,000+ miles on it. Almost like a middle finger to the green cars. The outside looked pretty, but the inside was actually fairly worn and ratty.

LosAngelesJune6th 115


Not that it matters. Honda has this 78-mile 2004 example as well.

LosAngelesJune6th 098


LosAngelesJune6th 105


And what might be the last unmolested Integra Type-R.

LosAngelesJune6th 117


The iconic RealTime Racing cars were in attendance

LosAngelesJune6th 118


As well as a more dubious example of a “race car”

LosAngelesJune6th 121


LosAngelesJune6th 102


This, however, is the real deal.

LosAngelesJune6th 120


A beautiful example of a CRX Si.

LosAngelesJune6th 028


Alongside it, an earlier Si as well as a real-life Mugen version.

LosAngelesJune6th 128


Behind them, an original ad for the U.S. built Accord coupe, which was exported to Japan briefly.

LosAngelesJune6th 083


I asked the curator if I could drive an NSX during my visit. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough time to prepare one, but they did have this kicking around. So, you’ll have to excuse me.

LosAngelesJune6th 131


Arigato gozaimasu, Honda-san

Thank you to American Honda and Brad Long for opening their doors to TTAC!

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