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“Wait! Is that a…”

“Are you British?”

 “I haven’t seen one of these since I left Venezuela as a teenager, only rich people had Sierras!”

Behold random responses from gawkers of TTAC’s Project Car. The surprises continue after several hundred miles under the Ford Sierra’s belt, as life with this fish out of water is far from a compromise. (Read More…)

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greeting Medas Islands

(photo courtesy:

Phil writes:

I am going to Spain for 2-3 years for work but I have decided to sell my truck and only ship my motorcycle. Once I am there I will be looking to buy a cheap used small car, preferably a hatchback with a manual transmission. I am aware of some European brands like Seat, Alfa, Peugeot, Renault, etc. but do not know much about their modern line up. Gas or diesel is fine, can you help me with some recommendations?

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By on September 4, 2014

09 - 1988 Merkur XR4Ti Down On the Junkyard - Picture courtesy of Murilee MartinThe Merkur XR4Ti (turbo-Pinto-engined Ford Sierra XR4i to you European types) wasn’t selling so well by the 1988 model year, but enough were built that I was able to find this example in a Northern California wrecking yard. In fact, this is just the second XR4Ti in this series, after this ’89 from two years back. (Read More…)

By on June 5, 2012

Every so often during the 1970s and 1980s, the suits in Detroit had an inspiration: Take one of the corporation’s European-market vehicles, throw some new badges at it, and sell it in the United States. Chrysler did it with the Hillman Avenger aka Plymouth Cricket, GM did it with the Opel Kadett aka Buick Opel, and Ford did it with the Ford Capri aka “the Capri.” While these deals never worked out so well when it came to the bottom line (though the Simca-derived Omnirizon did pretty well for Chrysler), Ford didn’t give up on the idea. Bob Lutz decided that a Mercury-badged Ford Sierra with a turbocharged Pinto engine would be just the ticket for stealing BMW customers: the Merkur XR4Ti. (Read More…)

By on November 28, 2011


In our last installment, our Sierra was found by one of TTAC’s Best and Brightest. Now our brown-hued “Salesman’s Spaceship” gets lost in shipping space for a few weeks, crossing a very large pond.  Don’t worry little British Ford, America will be very, very kind to you.

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By on October 30, 2010

I’m going drifting. I’m going drifting dressed in the finest English brown velour ever to roll out of Dagenham, England. I’m going drifting in what this week’s Curbside Classic should have been, a 1983 Ford Sierra. And with that, I rejoin TTAC after a long hiatus due to our wonderful country sending me to various deserts to hunt for Osama bin Laden.

I have survived, although my Hilux did not after one ill-placed Taliban rocket sent shrapnel through the radiator. I also relish returning to write for one of the finest audiences I know, the Best and Brightest.

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By on October 28, 2010

From the blooming tree in the photo, it’s obvious that I didn’t just shoot this Tempo recently. But then it wasn’t just this past spring either; it was a year and a half ago. Why have I been temporizing? Few cars leave me feeling more conflicted than the Tempo: is it a Deadly Sin or a Greatest Hit? But I find myself in a temporary state of equanimity today, so let’s see if we can’t put the Tempo into proper perspective. Tempus fugit; it’s now or never. (Read More…)

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    Roberto Esponja - That’s the “Trail Rated” badge, which goes on Jeep models that are Rubicon Trail certified. Not all get this badge, they have to be...
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    nickoo - What the hell are you talking about? Buick hasn’t had a good sales year since they killed the lesabre in 2005.look at their numbers...
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    Zykotec - I’ve owned a couple of these. Brilliant and very underrated car. The basic shape and hatchback body that cost it many customers in the...
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    319583076 - I hate to put it this way, but it’s the most concise way I *can* put it: I’m a licensed structural engineer and while I don’t design cars,...
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    Pch101 - I don’t agree with the latter part, in that top-trim high performance two-door cars almost always end up becoming collectible. (If the nameplate was a dog,...
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    Crabspirits - “Chrysler has suffered more from perceptual issues than real ones.” Mmmmnyes, like the perception that the transmission in Thomas...
  • Re: QOTD: When Did BMW Lose Its Edge?

    krhodes1 - They have continued to build 5-series Tourings, and they sell very well in markets where people still buy station wagons.
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    gtemnykh - Hmm, a bunch of press photos of it sitting in the dirt? I watched TFL’s run through the course Derek must be referring to, as expected they have some...

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