By on September 14, 2012

I took my first driver’s-license test in a 1979 Ford Granada, and so I always notice Granadas (and Monarchs) when I see them on the street (very rarely) and in the junkyard (slightly more frequently). (Read More…)

By on September 30, 2011

Carrozzeria Ghia and Ford go way back, with the Ghia name getting slapped on everything from the Fiesta to the Barchetta. A few days back, I snapped this photograph in a Denver junkyard. What sort of car do you think we’re looking at here? (Read More…)

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  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Lie2me - Do you know that Ford has only sold 871 MKSs year to date? That’s Crosscabriolet bad, but I digress… Sorry
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    FormerFF - I have to think there are some packaging advantages to not having to allow for a V6 in these cars. As far as the reduction in power goes, the fours have enough push for...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1986 Buick Somerset

    Halftruth - The GMs were super easy to steal. You would break the weak side of the column near the directional to gain access to the left side of the ignition switch....
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    28-Cars-Later - Good point.
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    nickoo - I don’t mind cutting out the v6 on a non performance car. Properly paired with a High gear or CVT and it meets 99℅ of my driving needs as I have found out with 2...
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Lie2me - Well, whatever the reason the V6 was the superior engine and Honda recognized that
  • Re: EPA Mandates Real-World Testing For All Automakers

    redav - You can’t test per a methodology without first having the methodology. So we can keep all the fine, noble, educated people at the EPA who...
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    KixStart - I’d bet that RDX V6 has VCM.
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Astigmatism - Massively unsurprising. I put 280,000 miles on a Camry V6 (that happened to sit in the engine bay of an RX300, but, poTAYto (with VVTi), poTAHto), and it was...
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    Lie2me - Bingo! Except RDX

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