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Just like the Navigator, the 2015 Ford Expedition gets a 3.5L Ecoboost engine. No funky tail lights or split winged grille.

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Ford Planning V6 Diesel For F-150, Super Duty Stays With Steel Fri, 31 Jan 2014 13:00:02 +0000 2011_Ford_F-250_XLT_--_07-10-2010

TTAC was the first to bring you news of the F-150′s move to aluminum construction, the 2.7L Ecoboost and the delays with the aluminum body panel production. And now we’ve got another bounty of information about upcoming engines, transmissions and other technology for the new F-Series trucks and their full-size SUVs.

TTAC’s sources tell us that even though the next-generation F-150 hasn’t even launched yet, there are already early-cycle and mid-cycle updates in the cards. According to them, Ford is feeling the sting of losing out to Ram on the first half-ton diesel pickup race. A diesel F-150 was in the works, but became a casualty of the recession in 2008. Now Ford is apparently at work on a 3.0L V6 diesel, codenamed “Lion”, that is set to appear by 2018. In other powertrain developments, we’ve learned that the 2.7L Ecoboost will have somewhere in the ballpark of 290-300 horsepower, though torque numbers remain unknown.

Around this time, we’ll also see a number of major developments for Ford’s truck line. A new 10-speed transmission will debut in both trucks and body-on-frame SUVs, as well as a new, aluminum bodied version of the Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator. While production will take place in America, development is currently going on at Ford’s Mexican arm.

Despite the push for aluminum bodies, one product that won’t be making the transition is the next-generation of Super Duty trucks. Our source indicates that these trucks will stick with steel bodies, though the reasons behind it are unknown.


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Tailgate Mural Fails To Spare This Expedition From Crusher’s Jaws Thu, 16 May 2013 13:00:42 +0000 03 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee MartinYou see a fair amount of customization among the inmates of a high-turnover, self-service wrecking yard; sometimes it’s a full-on time-capsule RX-7 and sometimes it’s the kind of thing Manny, Moe, and Jack would build after a week-long ether-and-DMT binge. Here’s a fairly well-executed, if puzzling, airbrush mural I spotted at a Denver yard a few months back.
02 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee MartinEven with the swastika vandalization— which may have hastened the depreciation of this truck’s value and helped lead to its junkyardization— you can make out some weird details on the subject’s face. There’s a certain air of Juggaloism in the semi-clownlike makeup, but what does the “Under Oath” caption mean?
04 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee MartinIf only junkyard vehicles could talk!

01 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee Martin 02 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee Martin 03 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee Martin 04 - Nightmare Ford Expedition Tailgate Mural - Picture courtesy of Murilee Martin ]]> 17
Yes, You Can Still Buy These Cars New Fri, 15 Mar 2013 15:29:14 +0000

In the last few years, a few cars have received more than their fair share of media attention. The Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, for example, which a few outlets have stopped just short of describing as the return of Jesus. A few others didn’t bother stopping short. There’s been a similar reaction to some of the updated Chrysler products, proving that all it takes to win over car journalists is a nip and tuck outside, a few new materials inside, and a fleet of well-equipped press cars generously loaned to anyone who asks.

But what about those cars that don’t get any coverage? You know the ones: those cars that even the manufacturer gave up on, but they keep selling because the factories have to stay open. The cars you haven’t seen advertised since someone at AIG said “Let’s do more of these wonderful credit default swaps!” The ones that have “$5000 off!” written on the windshield as you drive by. Except, of course, at a Chrysler dealer, where that’s every car.

Fortunately, those cars aren’t forgotten by everyone. Your old pal Doug is here to remind you of several new cars that you might be surprised to find out are, in fact, still new cars.

Ford Expedition/Lincoln Navigator

Ford has managed to equal or best nearly every offering from archrival General Motors in most market segments. This is the exception.

Like most cars on this list, the Expedition and Navigator were decent vehicles when their current bodystyles came out. But that was in 2003. Times have changed, and – with the exception of a facelift six years ago – the Expedition and Navigator have not.

The sad thing here, if you’re Ford, is that the Navigator actually beat the Escalade to the NBA star market by an entire model year. Back when both vehicles were just full-size SUVs with some leather and a chrome grille, the Escalade was a me-too competitor in a growing segment. But while GM dreamed big and gave the Escalade the development dollars to flourish, Lincoln aimed squarely for airport limo services. Both companies hit their marks.

Honda Ridgeline

I remember seeing a Honda Ridgeline for the first time. Of course, I remember it only vaguely, since it was eight years ago. But I distinctly recall thinking two things: one, this is the ugliest truck since the Lincoln Blackwood; and two, Honda might be on to something with this whole car-based pickup idea.

In the ensuing eight years, I have dramatically recanted one of my views – and it’s not the one that involves the Lincoln Blackwood. Stranger than the Ridgeline’s looks is the fact you can still buy one new, as if there’s anyone left who hasn’t had the chance to get their hands on a Ridgeline since it came out in 2005.

Land Rover LR2

The successor to Land Rover’s transmission-eating Freelander is still on sale. In fact, it was updated for the 2013 model year. To be fair, it’s not strange that Land Rover offers an entry-level SUV. What’s unusual is that they continue to sell it, even in the face of rising competition from… Land Rover.

The LR2 starts at $37,000. The recently released Range Rover Evoque – which is the same size and uses the same engine – is around $4,000 more. Say all you want about the Evoque’s styling, but it’s like a trendy iPhone to the LR2’s company-issued Blackberry. So who would choose an LR2 when the Evoque is priced so closely? Only Land Rover dealers, who use them religiously as service loaners. Think of it as a Captiva Sport that’s fit for the Queen.

Mitsubishi’s Entire Lineup

Pop quiz: name a current Mitsubishi. The Endeavor is gone. The Galant is gone. The Eclipse is gone. What the hell is left?

Mitsubishi currently sells only four vehicles in North America. There’s the Lancer and its derivatives, which include the Sportback and the Evolution. There’s the Outlander, which people sometimes buy on accident. There’s the Outlander Sport, also known as the RVR in Canada, where it doesn’t sell either. And there’s an egg-shaped electric car whose name includes three capital letters and two uses of a lowercase i.

Hands up: who has seen a Mitsubishi on temporary plates in the last year? Mitsubishi dealers don’t count, though I get the feeling most of them don’t see it often enough.

Nissan Armada

It’s been ten years since the Nissan Armada came out. Since then, Infiniti launched a twin version called the QX56. Then, Infiniti redesigned the twin version. Then, Infiniti renamed the twin version. And what has Nissan done to keep the Armada fresh? Nothing. Yet it inexplicably still exists, wearing the same body panels it did in 2003. To me, this is incredibly confounding since a redesign would require nothing more than slapping a different grille and trim on the QX56.

My theory is there’s an intense ongoing debate at Nissan about the Armada’s future. Half want it redesigned; half want to kill it. Until an agreement is reached, it soldiers on, facing huge competition mostly from used versions of itself and taking up a rather large amount of space on Nissan dealer lots.

Nissan Cube

The 2000s, I suspect, will be remembered by some for spawning a fleet of compact cars that were inexplicably shaped like boxes. No one asked for these cars. In fact, no one BOUGHT these cars, with the exception of a few divorced, middle-aged women who were “trying something different.”

Nearly all of the box cars have been redesigned, like the Scion xB, or killed, like the Honda Element. But perhaps the strangest of them all, the Nissan Cube, still continues with its famed Cube Pubes firmly planted on the dashboard.

Toyota Matrix

Of all the cars on this list, this one surprised me the most. Yes, even though its Pontiac Vibe twin is dead, you can still get a 2013 Toyota Matrix. Actually, you should get a 2013 Toyota Matrix, especially if you’re considering a Corolla, since the Matrix is more practical, better looking, and – most importantly – not a Corolla.

Despite the Matrix’s positive traits, Toyota has given up all hope for the hatchback, creating its last ad for the car sometime during the Bush years. My theory: Toyota was responsible for the engineering; Pontiac for the advertising. We certainly know it wasn’t the other way around.

Volvo C70

You’re the type of person who wants a Volvo. Somehow, you’re also the type of person who wants a convertible. If you’re still nodding your head, congratulations: you’re one of eleven.

And yet, the C70 has been available for around 15 years, including about seven in its current form. Today’s model STARTS at $41,000, which is more than twice the cost of a used one with the same exact bodystyle. So who buys ‘em? Presumably, only people who crashed their old ones and now appear in those safety books Volvo salesmen always seem to have handy. And even they get six grand off.

Doug DeMuro operates He’s owned an E63 AMG wagon, road-tripped across the US in a Lotus without air conditioning, and posted a six-minute lap time on the Circuit de Monaco in a rented Ford Fiesta. One year after becoming Porsche Cars North America’s youngest manager, he quit to become a writer. His parents are very disappointed.

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Monday Mileage Champion: 2001 Ford Expedition XLT Mon, 24 Sep 2012 19:17:47 +0000

True Miles Unknown. For some folks these three words conjure up the fear of a car with more miles on it than the Grateful Dead. Others simply head on off to Carfax and try to approximate the mileage figure.

This one had 1 owner and 280,923 miles on it as of January 2012.

17 service records at the dealership. A pretty healthy record of attendance given that it’s an 01 model.

This Expedition had a surprisingly decent interior on it. You see those frayed edges on the driver seat? They’re as common as kudzu on these Fords. Trying to find an old Expedition with good leather seats is like trying to find an old Volvo 850 with a good left side bolster on the driver’s seat.  Weight, age and lack of leather conditioning always wear them out.

This Expedition also happens to be the ‘Quiver’ 8 seater. I always thought that these vehicles would end up in the holler or perhaps with 24 speakers, 6 TV’s and a young man with a deep appreciation for polka.

Actually this one was driven 30k+ for a while, then sat. It went through the sit/drive cycle a second time before finding the long and winding road to automotive wholesale heaven.

I wonder if that rear tailgate is sagging in sympathy of the frayed front seat. It sold ‘True Miles Unknown’ for $1100 + a $115 auction fee. The new owner is a buy-here pay-here dealer who has a solid Latino clientele at multiple locations. I’m sure he’ll have no trouble selling it.

The question for today is the same as last time. Which engine? Some of the features that I just highlighted should give you a good clue as to what’s lurking under the hood. Gotta love those Expeditions!



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