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Fiat Punto, not long for this world.

Sources tell Bloomberg News that Fiat Spa will spend as much as 9 billion euros ($12 billion) over the next three years developing new models for for the European market. The Italian automaker hopes the strategy will end losses on the continent and restore drastically underutilized Italian factories to profitability. Many of the new models will be based on either the Fiat 500 subcompact or the small, low cost Panda.  A five door version of the 500 will replace the Punto. The Punto, last restyled in 2005, has long been a fixture in Fiat showrooms and as recently as 2007 it accounted for almost a third of the Fiat brand’s sales in Europe.

Though Fiat wants to use its Italian factories better, the Punto’s replacement will be built in Poland to save on costs. Sergio Marchionne believes that “made in Italy” works with upscale brands like Maserati and Alfa Romeo. The upcoming Maserati Levante SUV will be made in Fiat’s Mirafiori factory.

Not able to access the profits that Chrysler is banking because it’s not wholly owned by Fiat yet, Marchionne must find a way to staunch the parent brand’s bleeding red ink in Europe. Fiat has previously announced that it hopes to develop about 20 new models for Europe by 2016, including eight Alfa Romeos. Some of those cars are a 500 based SUV along with Italian made Jeeps to be introduced alongside the open version of Alfa’s 4C sports car.

Fiat has lost market share in Europe for the past four years, with deliveries dropping 47% over that period and market share going form 9.3% to 6.2%. The Italian automaker has had almost 2 billion euros in operating losses since 2011, including over 300 million euros in loses for the first three quarters of 2013.

Many of Fiat’s 30,700 production workers in Italy have been furloughed this year, most of them for more than five months.

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Fiat Panda To Join The Crossover Party, New Product Lines Due In 2015 Fri, 08 Mar 2013 09:00:13 +0000

The latest member of the fast-growing “European small crossover club” will likely be the Fiat Panda, which will get a model that will grow in size, to compete against C-Segment SUVs.

The Panda crossover would fight a battle on two fronts, taking on the wildly popular Nissan Qashqai and the Skoda Yeti in the mainstream arena while also going after premium models like the Audi X1 and Audi Q3. The current Panda range, which includes an all-wheel drive version with faux-rugged cladding and a higher ride height, has won critical acclaim from European motoring journalists. The previous generation Panda 100 hot hatchback has been praised as one of the most fun drives at any price, and a new version will also join the range to enhance the range’s sporting credentials.

But the larger, crossover-style Panda will play an important role for ailing Fiat, along with the 500X crossover, which is somewhat larger than the standard 500. The 500 and the Panda will be the focal point of Fiat’s branding, as the Panda and 500 are judged to have the deepest emotional attachment with consumers. But contrary to popular reports, other model lines like the Punto, Bravo and Freemont aren’t going anywhere. All new versions are set to debut in 2015 to complement the 500 and Panda.


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Sergio Marchionne Confirms Third Fiat Model By 2014 – But Only For Canada Fri, 30 Mar 2012 15:33:17 +0000

Our intrepid Brazilian correspondent Marcelo got the hearts of Canuckistani readers racing after he leaked news of an expanded Fiat lineup for Canada. According to Senhor de Vasconcellos, Fiat will add new product in Canada, where 500 sales have been much stronger than the USA. The only question is what the mystery product will be, now that Fiat head Sergio Marchionne confirmed the new model at a Toronto event.

The Globe and Mail reported a whole slew of new products, stating

“Alfa Romeo cars are planned to return to Canada and North America in 2014, while the Fiat 500L five-door and all-electric Fiat 500 EV are scheduled to arrive at the end of this year, declared Fiat Group and Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne on Monday.

There will also be another Fiat model coming by the end of next year or early 2014, without laying out specifics…”

Marcelo’s artcile named the next generation Punto and Panda will be heading to Canada, with the 500L’s late 2012 debut coming first. Next will be the Polish Italian-built Panda, followed by the next generation Punto, if the information is accurate. The 143.7 inch Panda is actually a little longer than the 500 (139.6 inches) and has 5-doors – by comparison, a 5-door Toyota Yaris is about 10 inches longer than the Panda. Nevertheless, Canadians in urban locales absolutely adore small cars, foreign cars and anything with a “premium” image, like the Mini and the Fiat 500. The Panda, if priced right, would be a good bridge between the 500 and the much larger, Mini Countryman-sized 500L. Even better would be the new Punto, which could give the Volkswagen Golf a good run for the money. Memo to Fiat – bring diesels here. Close to half of all VW’s sold here are TDIs. We will buy them.

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