By on November 23, 2010

It’s mysterious enough that a genuine CCCA-designated classic car suddenly appears curbside in my neighborhood. And not just any true classic, but the immensely desirable and infinitely awesome Clipper Super Coupe, the most powerful and fastest American car of its day. But the mystery deepens: why did its owner try everything possible to keep me from photographing it the day I first found it, and then why did someone deface it by pouring paint over it the very next night? (Read More…)

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  • Big Al From 'Murica: This thing starts at 43,000 dollars. That is the price converted from Euro before any chicken...
  • gtemnykh: “It’s not an “off road” vehicle at all.” Uh okay, care to qualify that statement?
  • festiboi: As the owner of a 2015 Sonic hatch, that we purchased brand new, it’s a shame to see sales decline of...
  • jalop1991: If he keeps vans 4 years, I can’t wait for VCM to kick him in the nuts.
  • JDG1980: Will they? Indications so far are that the U.S. Frontier will continue to be the old “D40”...

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