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If you ever do any research about the Tucker automobile, you’ll eventually come across references to the collection of David Cammack. Cammack, of Alexandria, Virginia, passed away last Sunday at the age of 84. At the time of his passing Cammack owned the largest collection of Tucker automobiles, three of them, number 1022, number 1026, the only Tucker with an automatic transmission, and the first production Tucker made, 1001.

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    stuki - “Once you discover HOW to lose 25 pounds, lets us know.” By going more on bike (bicycle). Pretty much a double whammy as far as going faster on bike is...
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  • Re: A 21st Century 240D

    Landcrusher - I’m not going to argue with you. Believe what you want.
  • Re: A Hot Hatch Polo Match

    stuki - With VWs publicly stated aggressive sales goals, you’d almost think they would bring all their guns to the biggest (still, I believe) gunfight of them all. The...
  • Re: The Volkswagen Eos Is Dead: Here’s Why

    chicagoland - Sunroofs are installed on nearly 30-50% of new cars, why pay more for a drop top? If one wants a Honda EX series anything, you are forced to get...
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  • Re: The Volkswagen Eos Is Dead: Here’s Why

    stuki - The Miata is at least as much legendary sports car as convertible. It’s not a good marker for convertible demand in isolation. For much of the...

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