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By on September 26, 2014

2008 Chrysler 300 LX With A Hint Of Pimp

Owners of a handful of MY 2008 DaimlerChrysler products now have one thing in common with those who own certain General Motors models: An ignition-related recall.

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By on June 19, 2014


General Motors no longer has the monopoly on ignition and air bag problems, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Chrysler Group over those very issues.

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By on December 23, 2011


Josh writes:

I’m currently in the market for a 2005 or 2006 Chevy Tahoe Z71 and was wondering about when would be the best time to buy. Before you question the Tahoe, I’m probably one of the only people who can justify one. I live in Colorado and spend almost every weekend in the mountains hauling people and their gear up 4wd trails and snowy roads to trail heads and sleeping in the back.

I figure that given gas prices going up, this summer would probably see the values drop off. I like to do the opposite of everyone else who will be buying fuel efficient vehicles. But then I read an article by Steve that said the used car market is going to be getting worse. I’ve see prices go down some over the last 6 months (been watching the market), but not by much. So does this summer sound good, should I buy now, or wait for the future? (Read More…)

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  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    darkwing - The steering wheel controls are a must have, because by the sound of it, he basically drives around with one hand reassuringly gripping his pecker.
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    darkwing - That sounds more like a combination of two other factors: low disposable income (even just starting out, $250K in NYC doesn’t take you very far) and...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    heavy handle - I’m 6’3″, and I fit into a buddy’s MX-5 just fine. It has the typical Japanese seats with no leg support, but clearance...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    jimmyy - While the FRS is a Toyota, there are lessons for Detroit. Emotional marketing does not work with the young crowd, and that is what Detroit relies on. And FRS...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    Pete Zaitcev - I’d buy one of these if my current 2-door car were totaled (and I weren’t badly injured). As it is, I’m off the market, and I’m...
  • Re: Toyota Receives Over 1,500 Orders For Mirai FCV In Home Market

    DrGastro997 - Despite the awful look of it, it’s nice to see a company that’s willing to take on a challenge and do something...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    319583076 - Epic display of insecurity, Bro!
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    Pete Zaitcev - But hachiroku is doing even worse world-wide than it’s doing in USDM. If it’s “primarily” a world car, it’s even more...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    Pete Zaitcev - Maybe he meant to add “into which a normal person can fit”. P.S. I love that blasted midgetmobile, I truly do. I loved it since Ali Khan...
  • Re: Scion’s FR-S Took A Hit In 2014

    MK - Haha! Glad you’re back btsr. You might be wrong but you’re never in doubt! (although in this thread you’re definitely not wrong) MOAR POWAH...

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