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When I heard from a certain Renault 4CV racer that the inventory of the ancient Seven Sons Auto Salvage wrecking yard in Brighton, Colorado, would be up for auction today, I headed up there in full bat-outta-hell mode. I don’t really need another Hell Project to piss off the neighbors, but what harm could there be in looking?

You can tell from the sign that Seven Sons (located about 30 miles northeast of Denver) was a serious old-school yard; the operation got closed down by an eminent-domain ruling and most of the inventory— I heard the total was 10,000 vehicles— got crushed. A few hundred of the more collectible vehicles were spared for the auctioneer’s gavel.

You have to be a seriously hardbitten old car fanatic to be willing to spend all day freezing in a harsh 34-degree wind in order to get a shot at buying a basket-case ’64 Pontiac Executive wagon for $400, and that’s exactly the kind of guy that showed up to this auction.

We also had a few 24 Hours of LeMons veterans, always on the lookout for new projects and/or race cars. Rich, on the right, picked up a fairly solid ’47 Ford pickup for a good price.

This truck will provide much-needed material for a rat-roddish truck project now underway.

I was quite tempted by a bunch of mid-to-late-1960s full-size Ford fastbacks. Unfortunately, all the nicer ones were small-block cars, plus the value of scrap steel these days means that big Detroit hulks are worth at least $400 at The Crusher. If I’m going to outbid The Crusher, I want a 390 or 428!

Then there was this Peugeot 404, which ended up selling for 300 bucks. If only the windows hadn’t been open for 25 years of Colorado weather, the interior might have been in nice enough shape for me to consider bidding. Finding every single interior component for a 50-year-old French car? Non!

You like old Detroit trucks? Quite the selection to be had at this auction!

One of my favorite trucks was this ex-Air Force 1952 IHC Travelall. I didn’t stick around to see what it sold for, but I noticed quite a few guys hovering around it before the bidding started.

This not-too-terrible 390/automatic ’67 Mustang got a lot of attention as well.

A lot of cool old machines that were too rough to be worth restoring ended up selling at what amounted to scrap prices. I hope they spend some time in other yards before they get eaten, so that some of their parts might live on.

In addition to all the vehicles, many tools and weird non-car-related stuff was for sale. Looking for a player piano? A baby coffin? Outdoor-stored LPs?

How about this for a LeMons car? Unfortunately, the bidding reached $550 on the Champion.
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