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Hard to believe someone like me would need a rich fantasy life, isn’t it?

If you haven’t guessed it by now, I love cars and like a lot of people I spend a lot of time thinking about the ones I might like to own. My daydreams live in an odd place, they don’t run towards the higher plane of pure fantasy where the Ferrari and Lamborghini live, and, despite the fact I expect to be buying a new minivan or SUV in the next couple of years, they don’t run to the purely practical, either. No, my fantasies live in that middle place. A place where the cars are interesting and, as unlikely as a purchase may be, still attainable.

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  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    psarhjinian - “Why would they not just put the 60 degree V6 in these? GM had 3100s and 3400s EVERYWHERE.” Because GM. This was a GM Europe platform and the...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    danio3834 - Any minivan from the early 2000s could qualify. There’s never a shortage of Ventures, Montanas, Windbags, Odyseeys or Caravans in the u-pull yards I...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - Now steady on! What’s wrong with the Freestyle? The LS/S-Type I’ll give you, as well as any LR. But the Sienna was a nice vehicle at that time, very...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    PrincipalDan - Because somebody other than Saab and Opel needed to help amortize the cost of the mighty 3.0 V6… Remember for many years GM was the home of...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - Well of course any lot anywhere up there at that time would be GM centric!
  • Re: Fiat 500 Love Affair: Over In Canada, At a Passionate Peak In Mexico

    heavy handle - Great insight! Is it insufferable because of how it makes you feel, or is there something mechanically wrong with the...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - I had completely forgot about the final L versions with the huge lamps and chrome. That’s how rarely I see them. http://imganuncios.mitula.n...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    28-Cars-Later - I imagine because it was an Opel platform, maybe they really wanted the sell the “German engineering”.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    bball40dtw - I was 98-02, but I grew up very close to Flint, Lansing, and Detroit. Kinda right in the middle of all of those places. So Geos and Saturns were handed down in...
  • Re: Revised Toyota 86 Gains Some Style In New Edition

    energetik9 - Yeah, I’m not feeling it. Seems feminine to me and that’s not the look I want.

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