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Save for some French cabinet ministers, you aren’t likely to find any of the global elite tooling around in French luxury sedans. Citroen is hoping to reverse this trend with a made-for-China luxury limo, seen above. Dubbed the “DS Numero 9″. We suppose that’s French for “Panamera lookalike”.

As beautiful as the Ctiroen C6 may be, it’s always been a poor seller, in part because the car’s aesthetic potential is likely hampered by the stodgy tastes of the European bureaucrats who are the car’s target audience. Since the DS Numero 9 was designed expressly for the Chinese market, Citroen can take a few liberties with the shape.

Officially, this car is a concept, but Citroen has slowly been going down this road for a few years. 2009 brought about the Metropolis concept car, and the DS9, with its Germanic looks and plug-in hybrid drivetrain, seems to be the latest evolution. The DS Numero 9 will get an official reveal at the Beijing Auto Show next month.

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