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By on August 27, 2015


If my personal relationship with Honda had a Facebook status, that status would be the one so beloved of mistresses, side pieces, and FWBs — namely, “It’s Complicated”. A decade ago, I took a gig reverse-engineering a piece of production-line equipment for them. I had never owned a Honda automobile at the time and I’d long since sold my first CB550. The car I drove to work at Honda was a black Volkswagen Phaeton.

Fast-forward to 2015. It’s been some time since I took the King’s shilling, so to speak, and the balance of payments between me and Ohio’s finest automaker is very far in my personal favor. But as I write this, I am the owner of four Hondas. And I’d buy another one, if they’d just quit screwing with me about the details.

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By on September 26, 2011

Are car buyers rational? Anyone who deals with car-shopping consumers on a regular basis would probably answer with a hearty “no.” In fact in my experience, helping prospective car buyers navigate the many considerations and options available on the market usually ends with me throwing up my hands and saying “if you like a car, just buy it.” But according to research cited by Wired’s Jonah Lehrer, conscious reasoning might not be the ideal way to shop for a car in the first place. Sometimes “going with the gut,” and making a decision without thinking it through is the best way to solve complex choices like finding the car that’s perfect for you.

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    Land Ark - I’ll be out your way in September. And I’m so FABULOUSLY excited! I was at Yakota AFB last year and took a look at...
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    dal20402 - I can only assume that Melody Lee rejected Deadweight in particularly inconsiderate fashion at some point in the shadowy past of Detroit.
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    dal20402 - Liked the MMC of the third gen the best. Honda hit its absolute peak, IMO, around 1989-1990.
  • Re: Digestible Collectible: 1997 Honda Prelude SH

    dal20402 - Torque problem? That’s not a problem, just an excuse to rev old Honda motors, as it should be! Even my Legend’s luxo-cruiser V6 really...
  • Re: Digestible Collectible: 1997 Honda Prelude SH

    dal20402 - That’s a third-gen, and non-rusted mufflers are normal once you get out of the “salt and snow hell” parts of the country…...
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    stuntmonkey - I was a big fan of the Jordan team back in the “Buzzing Hornets” days, but um yeah… there should be some kind of restraining order for Eddie and...
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    dal20402 - And the sales seemed to justify that opinion. At least in the first couple years they sold every Legend they could import. Amazing how at the time...
  • Re: Lemon or Lemonade?: A Visit to Yokosuka’s Vehicle Resale Lot

    AprilFools - Great Column. Is the lemon Lot on base or off? Or is there no perimeter fence to keep the “public” out? A few...

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