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So I was looking for a photograph or diagram of the “friction drive“, an early continuously variable transmission used in the 1906 Orient Buckboard made by Waltham Mfg and I came across this period advertisement, selling an accessory child’s seat for the Buckboard. The Buckboard was exactly that, a buckboard horse cart with a one cylinder gasoline engine. Like many early runabouts the Orient Buckboard was a two-seater. There was no room for the rest of the family. Some companies, like Ford, offered a third “mother in law” seat out back, but Waltham decided to go in the other direction. (Read More…)

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  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    WheelMcCoy - Re: Colors… it’s not a question of how hard it is to do. It’s a question of inventory. Honda wants and needs to keep inventory low, so they...
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    Jack Baruth - I have a supercar speeding story that I can tell here as soon as the print article comes out — with photos to match.
  • Re: The Myth And Realities Of Luxury Marketing

    romanjetfighter - Many people are aware that the target demo for luxury brands isn’t the 1%. They try to emulate and aspire to be like the 1% by going...
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    cargogh - My ’90 Accord EX had 245,000 on it when I sold it. Both the upholstery and floor mats were surprisingly intact after I scrubbed all the crud off to get it...
  • Re: Chart Of The Day: U.S. Minivan Market Share In 2014

    El duce - I have a 2011 sienna Le. I paid around 24.5k for it. I couldn’t imagine spending over 40k for the same van with more bells and whistles....
  • Re: The Myth And Realities Of Luxury Marketing

    -Nate - Well written as usual Jack. I doubt you’ll ever be humble =8-) . -Nate
  • Re: Mini USA Sales Breakdown – August 2014 YTD

    Signal11 - This is the thing that people who are eager to snark on the Countryman not being as mini as the Cooper hardtop largely miss. In super-sized,...
  • Re: Life With Accord: 12,000 Miles

    Gottleib - I was thinking the very same thing. Why have carpets at all in a car. Cars of yesteryear had rubber floor covering. It is easier to clean and you would only need...
  • Re: The Myth And Realities Of Luxury Marketing

    OneAlpha - “The average Continental GT buyer is fiftysomething and is interested in showing off a bit. Most of the people I met while hanging out at...
  • Re: Mini USA Sales Breakdown – August 2014 YTD

    mcs - >> Why should Mini be any different? Aside from, well, you know, the name of the brand, which signifies a deep-seated affiliation with things...

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