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The chances are good that, as a TTAC reader, you use a smartphone. Among the literate, educated people who make up our reader base, ownership of a touch-screen phone with more computing power than a stack of DEC PDP-11s is the rule, not the exception. Google claims that over 250 million devices are running Android. Apple sold as many as 44 million iPhones in the past quarter. To some degree, the entire globe runs on these devices. Most of us couldn’t do our jobs or manage our lives without them.

The chances are not good that, as a TTAC reader, you own one of the two hundred and two 426 Hemi Super Stock “A990″ Dodge Corornets and Plymouth Belvederes built. 93 TorqueFlite Dodges, 8 four-speed stick Dodges, 85 TorqueFlite Belvederes, 16 four-speeds. They were up to five hundred pounds lighter than their non-A990 brethren and were known to turn quarter-mile times in the high ten-second range with trap speeds between one-twenty-five and one-thirty. Modern supercars like the GT-R and Ferrari 458 can’t hang with a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere. Think about that.

Now think about the fact that, without those ’65 Mopars, your smartphone wouldn’t work quite the same way it does today.

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  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    DeadWeight - It gives many Lexoyta’s a run for their money, and in many cases, embarrasses them (*cough* weak sauce, overpriced IS250 *cough*).
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    28-Cars-Later - Really? I have seen a handful around town in at least three diff colors (so there are at least three here lol). Hard to miss the ugly ducklings in traffic.
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    harryc - I drove a 3.5L Camry XLE at the Ecoboost Challenge, and I frickin’ LOVED that thing compared to the Fusion 2.0T I also drove. Light on its feet, tons of power,...
  • Re: EPA Mandates Real-World Testing For All Automakers

    Z71_Silvy - Typical government incompetence. And a majority of you fools want to trust then with even more of my money in the form of a higher gas tax....
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    28-Cars-Later - I think it depends. If I am looking for basic reliable transport, I don’t mind an I4. If I am spending money (say near 30K+ otd) I want the V6. I will not be...
  • Re: Don’t Drink the Google Kool-aid: Autonomy’s Limits in Three Sips

    VoGo - Did you read the part about Delphi being part of GM?
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    zamoti - Though I can’t say I’m in love with that color at least it IS a color. Everything else has gone black and gray, at least Toyota is brave enough to make dusty...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1986 Buick Somerset

    mars3941 - I had one of these gems back in the early 90′s in the 4 dr Skylark version with the mighty iron duke. Drove the pis- out of it city driving for over a...
  • Re: Fourth-Gen Toyota Prius To Receive AWD, New Battery Packs

    SCE to AUX - AWD – so it can compete with the Model X?
  • Re: Toyota May Kill V6 Camry

    heavy handle - Don’t know about anywhere else, but used V6 Camry-Accord-Sonata sell for less than 4 cylinder cars in Ontario. Some reasons that I can think of:...

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