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The coupe market is declining in the mainstream market, but in the small luxury car segment, a two-door variant is considered a necessity to compete. BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Infiniti all have two-door variants of their small sedans, as a way to add volume and give buyers a sportier option. For 2015, Cadillac’s entry wears the ATS nameplate and drops the 2.5L base engine.

Looking a bit more restrained than the outgoing CTS Coupe, the ATS will offer the 2.0T 4-cylinder (with a 6-speed manual option) and the 3.6L V6. Cadillac’s new logo also makes a prominent debut on the coupe’s front end, and the car looks a bit like a scaled down Elmiraj, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Take a good look at the car’s overall shape and you can imagine what the Camaro might look like. As the Chrysler 200 proves, it’s difficult to escape a platform’s “hard points”, but in this case, the Camaro should be tastefully proportioned and hopefully, a bit more compact than the current car.

From a dollars and cents perspective, things get a bit more confusing. Our sources tell us that GM’s rear-drive Alpha platform will be used for this car, the CTS and the Camaro – and that’s it. It’s hard to see how GM will have enough volume to get a good ROI on Alpha. Apparently, GM’s hopes rest on both the Camaro and global sales of the CTS and ATS to achieve these targets.

So far, sales of the ATS have not been promising. The ATS lags behind the big German competitors, its leasing strategy is not going as well as they’d hoped and incentive spending has been far higher than the competition. Global sales of the CTS and ATS also seem t0 be a non-starter, once China is taken out of the equation. European sales of Cadillac are basically inconsequential, and without a strong brand or a diesel option for their cars, they are doomed to linger in obscurity. Even if they look this good.

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ATS Coupe, New Escalade On The Way Mon, 29 Apr 2013 12:00:56 +0000

With 70 percent of its buyers new to to the brand, the Cadillac ATS is an important way for the brand to bring new buyers into the fold. But the ATS is still missing an important product that its main competitors currently have; a coupe.

While the coupe market is small overall, two-door variants still count towards the overall volume of vehicles like the BMW 3-Series and Mercedes-Benz C-Class. And with the demise of the current CTS Coupe, a two-door ATS will fill a hole in Cadillac’s lineup by replacing a vehicle that attracted a bit of a following.

Also on deck for Caddy is the new Escalade, reportedly an evolutionary update of the current design. Reports state that a great deal of work has gone into upgrading the interior, which looks fairly dated at this point in time. While most enthusiasts will be excited by the prospect of an ATS coupe, a case can be made that the new Escalade is the more compelling product.

The Escalade is arguably Cadillac’s flagship, but the brand has apparently changed course late in its development cycle, moving away from the obnoxious (but awesome) bling-bling aesthetic to a look that Mark Reuss has called “understated yet elegant”. Personally, I think this is the wrong move; nobody buys an Escalade to fly under the radar (that’s what the Yukon Denali is for – check your local country club if you don’t believe me), but they do buy it to make a certain kind of statement. Beyond that, the public has embraced the Escalade in its role as the ride of choice for athletes, rappers and wealthy proles. In that niche, it truly is the standard of the world, more recognizable by name than even the Range Rover and the G-Wagen, the current ride of choice for America’s favorite nouveau riche Armenian clan. If only Cadillac would embrace it. If you want to make a statement about sustainability and your social conscience, go buy an ELR.

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Cadillac Product Offensive: CTS, ATS Coupe And More Tue, 12 Feb 2013 13:00:13 +0000

In a month’s time, we’ll have our first look at the new Cadillac CTS, when GM takes the wraps off of its new luxury sedan at the New York Auto Show. The new CTS is merely the first in a wave of new cars for Cadillac, along with the already unveiled ELR plug-in hybrid.

Also confirmed is a coupe version of the ATS compact sedan, which will bow in early 2014. A revamp Escalade is in the cards as well, though a timeline for the flagship SUV is somewhat murky.

The CTS will be an important car for Cadillac, as it positions the car against the BMW 5-Series. The CTS will also be crucial for Cadillac’s expansion in China, and early spy shots show a somewhat more organic design, rather than the hard-edged “Art & Science” design language of the first two generations. No surprise that the changes were driven by, you guessed it, Chinese tastes.

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