Welcome to Car Fight, the comparison test with no basis for comparison. In this edition, we join Editor-In-Chief Bertel Schmitt and Editor-at-Large Ed Niedermeyer in sunny Southern California, where they’re arguing over which sedan makes a better $35k-ish commuter chariot, the 2012 Hyundai Azera or the 2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid.

Niedermeyer: Well, Bertel… you asked for it. You were the one who thought your overpriced, buzzy little hybrid could take on my BuickBimBap on the uncompromising streets of L.A. You picked this Car Fight, and now you’re going to lose. (Read More…)

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  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    Scoutdude - Yes but since aluminum is much lighter than steel the cost is not more than double. What I read is that it is costing Ford about $750 more to make the 2015...
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    bball40dtw - Definitely. There are so many variables. I’m glad we have such ranging choices these days.
  • Re: Buick Envision Photos Leaked

    PrincipalDan - I expected less side sculpting, more mini-Enclave.
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    petezeiss - At some point a troll becomes a pet, I guess. I let a few run around the back yard and guess what… no more vole holes.
  • Re: Ford Territory Gets A Final Send Off

    Drzhivago138 - Eurgh! That’s just as bad as what they did down in SA making the 5th-gen F-100 until the 90′s!
  • Re: Buick Envision Photos Leaked

    NormSV650 - The Buick Encore does well on a Sonic chassis and adding AWD. The Borg-Warner read differential has a magnetic coupler that releases as speeds reach 37 mph it is...
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    Drzhivago138 - You’ve gotta remember that they’re counting fleet sales. XL makes up (I would guess) at least 85% of fleet sales, if not 90+.
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    Drzhivago138 - You realize by responding to the troll you’ve also acknowledged his existence, which means he’s won, right?
  • Re: Reader Review: 2010 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen

    jmo - A friend was just freaked out about a death rattle in her new CRV. Turns out to be a loose heat shield. How would you classify that problem?
  • Re: Ford Announces 2015 F-150 Pricing

    Drzhivago138 - The STX (now a package like it was “back in the day” of 1999, instead of a trim level) is the sweet spot if you prefer monochrome and black...

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