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Mazda moved nearly 80,000 CX-5s from the lot to the highway in 2013. If the automaker has its way this year, the C segment crossover may break 100,000 units sold.

WardsAuto reports Mazda North American Operations CEO Jim O’Sullivan his employer can hit the 100,000-mark again with the CX-5, placing the crossover alongside the Mazda3 within the company, and the Toyota RAV4, Nissan Rogue, Ford Escape and Honda CR-V in the overall C segment crossover record books.

Factors cited by O’Sullivan in his hopes for the CX-5 include a recovering United States auto industry, brand awareness among U.S. consumers, reduced fleet volume, a new plant in Mexico that will build the Mazda3 while allowing more capacity in Japan to be used for CX-5 assembly, and a growing enthusiasm for the C segment and small crossovers:

We’re seeing really good, organic growth from our current-generation Mazda3 customers that have bought maybe (the old compact) Protege, then Mazda3, (and) now (are) moving into crossovers and the CX-5.

Speaking of crossovers, O’Sullivan says Mazda is looking at entering the B segment with a subcompact crossover slotted under the CX-5. The so-called CX-3, expected to be based upon the Mazda2, would see production in Mexico beginning July 2015.

Finally, the CX-9 will undergo a new redesign for 2016, and will make use of the automaker’s SkyActiv brand of fuel efficiency technology upon introduction late next year.

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Jeep Grand Wagoneer Returning Sometime After B-Segment Crossover Mon, 30 Sep 2013 19:00:39 +0000 1991_Jeep_Grand_Wagoneer-450x337

Whispers of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer’s return have been floating around for some time now, but official confirmation has finally come from Jeep brass, with CEO Mike Manley speaking about the new model in a Detroit Free Press interview.

Discussing future plans for the brand, Manley outlined his vision for a future B-Segment crossover, which he said will initially be more popular outside the United States than within it. But Manley was optimistic that the small crossover segment, which is booming across the globe, would eventually blossom in America.

Manley also discussed a future flagship product, stating

“And then the nameplate that I would also like to bring back where the majority of the market is in the U.S. and some in the Middle East, is Grand Wagoneer,” Manley said. “I see that at the top end sitting above Grand Cherokee.”

Talk of the Grand Wagoneer also coincides with some rumors that the Durango may disappear from Dodge’s lineup, leaving the Grand Wagoneer as the three-row option for buyers of the Grand Cherokee. The Grand Wagoneer has enjoyed a revival in pop culture as a retro-cool vehicle for the East Coast set, with prices for used example on a steady rise over the last few years.

Earlier this year, Jeep staff visited noted Grand Wagoneer restorer Wagonmasters for a research trip regarding the vehicle and how to maintain authenticity through the next generation. The next Grand Wagoneer, along with the B-Segment Jeep, are expected to bow in 2016.

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That “Small SUV” Coming From Chrysler Will Be A B-Segment Jeep Crossover Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:40:30 +0000 Fiat500LTrekking-450x337

Much has been made over the one future product announcement in Chrysler’s IPO filing. Apparently, it will be a an SUV based off of the Small Wide platform. A bit of detective work can help us figure out what it will be.

Small Wide currently underpins the Fiat 500L and we were told that there would be more B-Segment cars coming. At the presentation for the 500L’s launch, we were shown a diagram showing a “modular” section right where the rear differential would be, suggesting that all-wheel drive is a possibility in future Small Wide products. When pressed, Chrysler and Fiat staff trotted out the usual “can’t discuss future product” tropes, but suggested that the flexibility was built in for that precise reason.

With that in mind, it seems that a Jeep B-Segment crossover is the most obvious candidate. Small crossovers are booming across the world, and Jeep is eager to expand into global markets where it currently doesn’t have a big presence. Small Wide offers the right packaging for world markets, while an all-wheel drive system is more than adequate for the kind of driving that a B-Segment Jeep will see (i.e. not the Rubicon). This will strictly be an “image” car for Europeans who want to Jeep aesthetic but not the capabilities of a true off-roader. Don’t discount the possibility of a front-drive only version either. The front-drive only 500L Trekking is a pretty good preview of what that will be like.

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What’s Wrong With This Picture: The Four-Season Fiesta Edition Mon, 06 Sep 2010 16:14:59 +0000

Via Autocar come these pictures of a jacked-up Fiesta variant undergoing development testing. Rumors of a Fiesta-based MPV have been rampant, as European competitors have been bombarding the B-segment with bigger, and/or butched-up new models like Kia’s Venga (and it’s forthcoming sibling, the Hyundai ix20), Opel’s suicide-doored Meriva, Toyota’s Verso S,and VW’s PoloCross. Ford’s Fiesta-based entry could resemble the brand’s Iosis-Max concept, and it will probably be built in Romania. Based on the dearth of camouflage, we’d also guess it’s going for the “butch” more than the “big” section of the B segment. Needless to say, it’s unlikely to ever arrive in the US, where the idea of taking a B-segment hatch into the dirt occurs only to the desperately  unwell.

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