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By on May 9, 2014


2007 was a nutty time for my car business when it came to buying parts and supplies.

All the auto parts stores around my dealership were busy blowing their financial brains out in the pursuit of commercial business. I was retailing all the good cars I could find at the auctions, and it wasn’t long before I started to see an armada of amazing deals come to my door.

12 free gallons of coolant (8 store brand concentrates, 4 Dex-Cool) at Autozone. 16 quarts of free synthetic motor oil plus 24 more quarts of conventional oil at O’Reillys. Advance Auto Parts would guarantee the lowest price. Then O’Reillys offered “cost plus” deals that I could barely even fathom. While the parts stores were busy slashing each other’s throats, I was steadfastly collecting all the cheap and free products that came from the marketshare bloodbath.

Armor All, Meguiars, Turtle Wax, auto care products that were trying to get a retail presence… all were practically free for the taking if you were willing to keep up with the offers. 2007 netted me enough auto care products to handle the next three years of my business.

This ended in early 2008, and by 2009, you could often get better deals by lurking at the Bob Is The Oil Guy web site. That’s when I started noticing a nasty trend. Things started to get a bit too cute with the rebates.

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By on May 10, 2013


More than any other country, Canadian-built vehicles seem to have an inordinate amount of foreign parts content, according to a study done by Scotiabank Economics.

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By on February 4, 2013
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Local propaganda almost always serves to screw the little guy. With rare exception, it never fails to do so.

We need a new stadium!”, cries the billionaire whose team already got one just two decades go. “Please pay for it John Q Public!”

“Hey! What about me?”, screams the local electric company CEO. “We really need to double the monthly service charge for our  local residents to manage our costs. But let’s also throw in a double digit rate reduction for those who use a lot of energy. Like the billionaire and his businesses. After all, they create the jobs out here!”

And the story drones on. The trash company that owns a multitude of companies that have virtually nothing to do with trash, wants to hike your bill.  Because they need to hit their numbers. Just like everybody else.  The insurance company. The gas company. The local government. The state government. Heck, every local monopolist and oligopoly is thrusting their well oiled lobbyist machines right at your shrinking wallet.

Guess who else is doing it now? The auto parts stores.

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  • Re: GM Builds Their Last 1500 Series Van

    Jeff Weimer - Those 1/2 ton pickups is where GM (and Ford) prints money. It’s far better to kill the (nearly) fleet-only low-margin vans to gain a bit of CAFE...
  • Re: Piston Slap: Chipped or just Broken?

    Pantherlove - I have a 2009 Cobalt SS with the GM provided Stage 1 tune. No problems after 15k miles and its a heck of a lot more fun.
  • Re: Piston Slap: Chipped or just Broken?

    NormSV650 - Boost pressures does not kill head gaskets, detonation does. Today’s computer programming calculating airmass has been the most accurate it has...
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    jmo - Looking up prices a $2000 car would be a 2001 Civic with 224,000 miles on it or an 2004 Sable with 196,000 miles. Would that be reliable enough...
  • Re: GM Builds Their Last 1500 Series Van

    heavy handle - Fewer vehicles? Like the 1 of every 3 new vehicles that’s a full-size pickup?
  • Re: GM Builds Their Last 1500 Series Van

    psarhjinian - Agreed; the 1500-series vans were kind of trapped in a nowhere-land; not heavy enough for professional duty, but overkill for someone who would buy a...
  • Re: Thieves Take Students’ Project Car

    87 Morgan - Yowsah…. It is America CoreyDL. If it is a street legal, properly licensed and registered car, ‘it’ deserves the same rights and...
  • Re: Piston Slap: Chipped or just Broken?

    Pch101 - It is funny that so many enthusiasts are eager to believe that a couple of guys working in a small shop are going to do a better job than a team of dozens...
  • Re: GM Builds Their Last 1500 Series Van

    DenverMike - The vans did much less harm to GM’s CAFE profile than the 1/2 ton Silverado/Sierra. Same vehicles as far as CAFE is concerned. So are we about to...
  • Re: Thieves Take Students’ Project Car

    VoGo - Really? Because if you look at the statistics from the California Attorney General, they show the same pattern: http://oag.ca.gov/crime But if you have fact...

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