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By on May 17, 2012

Perhaps inspired by my recent TTAC fiction piece The little death, I was idly shopping for 360 Modenas on eBay this morning when I came across this little gem. Obviously, it’s not a real 360… but it’s not THAT bad, right?

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Recent Comments

  • RobertRyan: @Timothy Cain. 1100kg=2460lb 3.5 Tonne towing 7,700lb
  • AK: I’m only 33 but I want one. The idea of driving a big comfortable quick Buick is oddly appealing to me.
  • namesakeone: I’m tempted to say Mitsubishi Mirage, but the recent redesign may be better. Or it may not.
  • slavuta: ” I like what GM is doing design-wise nowadays” GM does nothing. Its all Opel. May be they will...
  • Corey Lewis: THANK YOU. Agree Picked Veloster as current vehicle with least redeeming qualities for QOTD couple weeks...

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