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The “family sedan” may not be very exciting, but without midsized sales auto makers would be in a pickle. Ponder this: the five best-selling midsized sedans in America accounted for 1.3 million of the 12.8 million vehicles sold in 2011. With numbers like that, it’s important to get your mass-market people mover right. This means competitive fuel economy, a low base price and swipe as much tech from your luxury brand as possible. Either that or just wear a Nissan badge on the front. Say what? The last generation Altima was the second best-selling car despite being long in the tooth and filled with Chrysler quality plastics. That made me ask an important question: Is the fifth-generation Altima any good, or is it selling well (now in third place thanks to the new Accord and Nissan’s model change over) just because it has a Nissan logo on the front?

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    Landcrusher - So what’s your poin, PCH? Can you actually string together an argument here, or do you just want to state factoids and act...
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    DeadWeight - Derek, regardless as to whether I agreed with you or not regarding any particular matter (I more often than not did agree with you, FWIW), you did an outstanding job...
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    MBella - Don’t know how I missed the word coupe in the last paragraph. At least I’m not the only one.
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    Lou_BC - Does it really matter what she uses in her campaign? One she gets elected President she’ll get an armoured Suburban and AirForce...
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    Landcrusher - Poor? By the standard of? Compared to? Let’s be honest, they may have had a cash crunch, but even a balance sheet that...
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    Pch101 - I just can’t take you seriously. Go type “Moonies” into your favorite search engine, and note the direct linkage to the...
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    Beerboy12 - Good luck in your new venture sir! I’ll be keeping an eye on which brand starts supplying a slew of stick shifts. With any luck I can start shopping for cars that...
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    Lou_BC - Derick – your brought great work to this site and your work ethic will surely mean you bring great work to your new employer. Congratulations and good luck.
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    GeneralMalaise - When offered another source (“The Hill”) of the same info, he falls back on insults… and not even amusing ones....
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    mu_redskin - Any way ttac could do a 3 way compare of a pro master conversion van like Paul Sherry in Ohio has done and this van that Hillary is...

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