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By on May 27, 2013

2013 Honda Civic EX, Exterior, Front, Picture Courtesy of Alex L. Dykes

People assume that car companies know their competition’s every move, as if there was some sort of mission impossible crew sent in every weekend to monitor R&D progress. While some less-than-ethical information exchange goes on, on the whole, a car manufacturer like Honda finds out what the competition’s latest widget looks when we do. Need proof? Look at the 2011, 2012, 2013 Honda Civic. The 9th generation Civic was intended to début as a 2011, but the financial implosion caused Honda to go back and re-work their compact car as a 2012 to keep prices low. In the perpetual game of auto-leapfrog, Honda miscalculated the direction Ford, Hyundai, Kia (and perhaps even Nissan) were headed. The result was bashed by Consumer Reports and raked across the coals by most of the press. Did buyers care? Apparently not. The 2012 Civic was purchased in impressive quantities by real-people. Honda could have found solace in their sales, but instead they did something unusual: they re-re-redesigned the Civic for 2013. Say what?

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    bball40dtw - I dated a girl that had a purple Beretta Z26. I will forever view that as a hot chick car.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - Ahh 3800 de santis. Of course.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    28-Cars-Later - “the final few years of the 3800 or the current 3.9? I feel like the 3800 was so proven they should have kept it.” Do you really need to ask me...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    28-Cars-Later - “The V6 had a cool gravelly tone, not like the awful pushrod 3.1, but almost Volvo PRV like.” There is alot wrong this this statement.
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    PrincipalDan - @28-cars-later: The Northstar is one of my favorite examples of GM dysfunction. Yes it had issues but lets take the engine on its face. GMs first ultramodern...
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  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - HA! You proved my point. Falling Down, 1993. EDIT: Sneaky, you changed that quickly. But what I mean is, think of how old that movie looks and feels, compared to...
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - Was it a Storm hatch or the rare Storm 2-door wagon thing? My dad STILL likes the Beretta. One day I should find him a nice one as a present.
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  • Re: Junkyard Find: 2001 Saturn L200

    CoreyDL - Oh dear that’s quite a damnation, comparing Cadillac to BL Jag. (And now I must think about the early-mid 90s XJ6 with the square headlamps. Black over...

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