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Shuffled off to the side of the Volkswagen display at the Canadian International Auto Show was this Golf, sporting a carbon fibre roof and side mirrors.

Back in September, VW announced a planned Golf ‘Carbon’ GTI that intends to use these carbon fibre bits plus fashion its front bulkhead and floorpan out of lightweight aluminium. While this car was devoid of GTI badges, it did have these same carbon fibre treatments. Sadly, VW would not allow TTAC to tear up the carpet and see if the floor was made of aluminium. These changes reportedly shave about 200kg off the weight of a normal GTI.

It may be one of a few special packages offered in 2014, commemorating the Golf’s 40th year. If equipped with the standard 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine, a Carbon GTI could fire off a 0-60 time of less than 6 seconds.

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SUV Onslaught Continues: Honda Urban SUV Concept Wed, 20 Feb 2013 15:40:46 +0000  

Feeling the need to build a segment vehicle that slots below the CR-V, both in terms of size and price, Honda showed its Urban SUV Concept at the Canadian International Auto Show. To drive home the point that they are marketing this at young’uns, Honda amped up the hyperbole while Skrillex blared out of the main speakers onstage.

Described as having “vibrant character lines”, apparently it has “social seating favoured by young adults” while making use of Honda’s Magic Seats. This I can only imagine simply means that the damn thing will seat five and have a split-folding rear bench, not unlike every other SUV in existence. Doors on the Concept remained firmly shut, preventing anyone from seeing what this social seating actually looks like. If Honda really wanted seating that is favoured by young adults, they need only equip the vehicle with five iPads and an Xbox.

Based on the upcoming Fit, the Urban SUV Concept has a planned release date of 2014. This vehicle and the soon-to-be-restyled Fit will reportedly be built at Honda’s new plant in Celaya, Mexico.

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Lumina APV Redux: Fiat 500L Wed, 20 Feb 2013 15:40:07 +0000  

Our own Alex L. Dykes postulated that the 500L is what happens when Fiat stays in America for awhile – and he’s right. The feature that stuck out immediately are the massive side windows between the front doors and the windshield, looking for all the world like that area of the original GM Dustbuster minivans.

Unlike at the Chicago show, the doors of this 500L were open, revealing an interior that will be familiar to current Fiat 500 owners … but on a +1 level. The gauges are certainly more comprehensive than those in the regular 500 and the centre stack incorporates a screen seemingly intended for nav and entertainment. Neither pricing nor engines were discussed – here’s hoping that reports of the 1.4L staying in the 500 are true and the 500L is powered by the rip-snortin’ Abarth engine.

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2013 Canadian International Auto Show: Coles Notes Version Fri, 15 Feb 2013 11:23:22 +0000

As per usual, press day at the Canadian International Auto Show was filled with automakers busying themselves with the “Canadian Premières” of their wares. Very little had not already been seen and what vehicles haven’t been shown are probably being saved for the New York or Geneva shows. This event fell on February 14th, meaning I also needed to rush and buy a Valentine’s Day item. Before I did, however, I put together some notable observations from the 2013 Maple Syrup & Hockey Canadian International Auto Show.

The 2014 Corvette Stingray still looks like a pissed off Transformer that is smoking four cigarettes.


BMW will grant Canadians the privilege of purchasing a 3-Series wagon, as of summer 2013. It will be offered in one trim, the 328i xDrive featuring the 2.0L engine and all wheel drive. This does not spare us from the horror of the forthcoming 3-Series GT, however.


The 2014 Kia Rondo was a North American debut, mainly because no one south of the border could be bothered. Described as featuring a “tiger nosed grille”, it will have optional niceties such as a panoramic sunroof and parking helpers.  A 2.0L four-cylinder with 164 horsepower and 156 lb-ft of torque is on tap. Take six speeds either way you like them – manual or automatic.


Here’s a picture of the new Audi RS7. Why? Because 560hp. Maximum torque from the twin turbo V8, all 516lbs-ft of it, will reportedly be available at just 1750 rpm. This means that you can enjoy face altering acceleration while taking your children to school. Prices? Firm release dates? Nein!


And finally, Toyota brought us their Fun Vii concept. This has been making the rounds for a while, since the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show. The body serves as a giant tablet, enabling owners to change the colour, display pictures, or – potentially – hurl abuse at other drivers through printed word and creative phrases. Resembling a steampunk locomotive, it was nevertheless a refreshing departure from, say, the forlorn current-gen Corolla parked just 20 feet away.

The Canadian International Auto Show is open to the public from February 15th – 24th at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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