By on October 20, 2010

I’m no attorney, but I’ve read articles posted anonymously on the Internet by people who claim to be attorneys, and therefore I feel confident that my extensive research regarding the statute of limitations for insurance fraud in certain Midwestern states is correct. It’s time to tell a story of minitrucks and maxipayments, of bumbling crime and hilariously apt punishment…

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  • Re: Bro, Do You Even Lift?

    bball40dtw - Haha. Touche. I prefer OTs and PTs.
  • Re: The Deeper Dive: Catering to the Keepers

    duffman13 - I had a friend money-shift a recent Hemi-equipped Mopar vehicle a few years back. His cost to replace at the dealer was quoted at $20k, and only about...
  • Re: The Deeper Dive: Catering to the Keepers

    28-Cars-Later - How many more seasons will we get out of his show before this is realized and the network cancels him?
  • Re: The Deeper Dive: Catering to the Keepers

    RideHeight - I mean, how can you take those seriously? I don’t care what kind of Area 51-spawned tech may be under the surface, they fail the eyeball test...
  • Re: The Deeper Dive: Catering to the Keepers

    CoreyDL - It was two separate orders for hail-reliabilities! De santo cheapos. I’d never mix 3800 and Toyota. If I want to overkill a Corolla, I’m...
  • Re: The Deeper Dive: Catering to the Keepers

    Toad - Every single part in a 200k mile car is is 200k miles old, more or less exceeding the designed life span of the typical passenger car. That is not a...
  • Re: Piston Slap: 6L80E…eeeeeek?

    CoreyDL - So are they pulling a Bravada with the Denali, and doing a one-model AWD system? If that’s the case I’d be real scurred, and get something else....
  • Re: The Deeper Dive: Catering to the Keepers

    bumpy ii - That would be an interesting swap. Although, a 3800 might be overkill for a Corolla. How about a 3300?
  • Re: Bro, Do You Even Lift?

    319583076 - Actually, I think a more accurate statement is that humans don’t know or understand the REAL reason that wings produce lift (if they even do so) – the...
  • Re: Bro, Do You Even Lift?

    PrincipalDan - @bball40dtw, says the guy teaching fatherhood classes at a hospital. :-P (Just teasing you bro.) I’ll admit my own weakness, too many under 30 mothers bringing...

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