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I’m no attorney, but I’ve read articles posted anonymously on the Internet by people who claim to be attorneys, and therefore I feel confident that my extensive research regarding the statute of limitations for insurance fraud in certain Midwestern states is correct. It’s time to tell a story of minitrucks and maxipayments, of bumbling crime and hilariously apt punishment…

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  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    Boff - I gotta chime in here. First, it is MT-82. Second, no way there is a 25% failure rate. That is insane. More like 25% of people that have been banned from...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    DenverMike - Yes BMW owners unanimously voted for finesse over crude. But I’ll take crude over numbness and isolation any day and 2X on Sunday. You can keep the...
  • Re: Even Volvo Buyers Don’t Buy Wagons

    28-Cars-Later - Naughty Volvos?
  • Re: Even Volvo Buyers Don’t Buy Wagons

    Marko - Volvo can’t depend on the V60 – or any “naughty” Volvos – to make a comeback. OK, yes, the Polestar is awesome, and they...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    mdensch - I traded my ’11 V-6 w/o the Perf. Pkg. on a ’13 with the Perf. Pkg. (and the 6-speed) and it makes a big difference. You’re absolutely right about...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    mdensch - I suspect that the change in HP rating on the V-6 was a marketing gimmick and that it’s identical to the previous V-6. The Ecoboost has to show a higher HP...
  • Re: The Mustang Embargo Is Done

    dal20402 - Oh noes! It lost five whole horsepower, for a terrifying 1.6% of its power output! (The actual reason is that there is a new, slightly more restrictive intake.)
  • Re: Junkyard Find: 1988 Merkur XR4Ti

    Mrb00st - an MT Lincoln? Was it an LS 3.0L?
  • Re: TTAC Salutes The Lincoln Motor Company

    Inside Looking Out - I remember the original MKZ review. It was full of childish complains with some agenda behind it, like reviewer was angry at something that day...
  • Re: GM Already Adding Third Shift At Mid-Size Truck Plant

    Lou_BC - I assume that Reg cab Taco’s are around 5% if one looks at the search engine and assuming that all of fleet sales listed by...

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