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After the Malaise Era of 1973 through 1983, we had the Turbo Era. I’m going to say the Turbo Era lasted from 1984 through about 1992, and it was followed by the Everybody Finally Has Electronic Fuel Injection And It’s About Damn Time Era. The real star of the Turbo Era was, of course, the Mitsubishi Starion, which was so incredibly turbo-centric that it had the word “TURBO” stitched into the seat belts. The Nissan 300ZX Turbo didn’t register much lower on the Turbo Awesomeness-O-Meter, however, and now I feel vaguely ashamed that I’ve ignored so many of these things in so many junkyards over the years. Today we will honor one of the stars of the Turbo Era! (Read More…)

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  • scott25: I agree, if that’s what it’s actually called it’s the worst name in a long time.
  • gtemnykh: I don’t understand how the transfer case knob, of all things, could have acquired so much visible...
  • scott25: I forgot who this article was written by and thought “wow Americans know who Old Man Luedecke...
  • brettc: I wouldn’t object to a Polo GTI. I also wouldn’t complain about a GTI Golf wagon.
  • Vulpine: I much prefer the cab design of the ’05 Gladiator concept. I don’t need nor want four full...

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