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BMW’s MINI may not replace the Coupe, Paceman or Roadster when their day comes, opting to focus on three “pillar” models that allow the brand to be “more relevant to more people,” according to MINI head of product management Oliver Friedmann.

Automotive News Europe reports Friedmann’s first priority for MINI “is to roll out a portfolio that has strong pillars,” with each pillar being clear in what it means to the overall brand. With the original hatchback and Countryman identified as the first two pillars, a potential third pillar could come in the form of a compact model based upon the Clubman concept shown in Geneva.

As for the Coupe, Paceman and Roadster, Friedmann says the trio aren’t a priority to the brand at this time, with the possibility all three may end up in the crusher of history in the near future.

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Winterkorn: T-ROC Will Be Built If Customers Want It Sat, 08 Mar 2014 14:00:10 +0000 Volkswagen-T-ROC-Concept-02

Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn is optimistic for the future of the T-ROC, with the automaker willing to build the crossover if the customers want it.

Automotive News Europe reports the production version of the concept crossover — based upon the MQB architecture found in the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf — would slot between the compact Tiguan and VW’s planned Taigun subcompact SUV.

Winterkorn believes the concept will have a mass appeal for the automaker’s customer base — especially as sales of crossovers and small SUVs rise in Europe and the United States. VW brand head of development Dr. Heinz-Jakob Neusser concurred, dubbing the T-ROC a logical evolution of the Golf.

The three-door T-ROC seats four, comes with a removable tablet infotainment display, and is powered by a 2-liter diesel found in the Golf GTD, pushing 182 horses through all four wheels.

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Smaller Jeep To Slot Beneath Renegade Thu, 06 Mar 2014 14:00:39 +0000 Jeep-Renegade-18

Though the Jeep Renegade already bowed at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show, the off-road brand has plans for not only a fullsize SUV similar to the discontinued Commander, but an A segment SUV slotted beneath the Renegade, as well.

Auto Express reports the A segment vehicle could possibly be underpinned by the next-generation Fiat 500, though would face greater engineering challenges than those faced by the Renegade — built upon Fiat’s “small-wide” archecture underpinning the upcoming 500X — to make it Rubicon-ready, as Jeep boss Mike Manley explained:

We couldn’t make an SUV off of “small wide” as you can’t get the ground clearance. It was completely changed by Jeep engineers so now it’s “small wide 4×4″ architecture.

The A segment Jeep could also aid in bringing the brand into compliance with increasing CO2 emissions standards, though the improvement drive — much like the vehicle itself — will be a long, hard road to hew:

There’s relentless pressure to reduce CO2 and there’s much more for us to do. We’re trying to stay away from complexity and improvements are slowly coming.

Meanwhile, Manley’s focus is toward the Grand Wagoneer, which will slot above the Grand Cherokee. The fullsize SUV will boast room for seven and “be bigger than the old Commander” made between 2006 and 2010.

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FCA Beginning Maserati SUV Production In 2015 Thu, 06 Mar 2014 13:45:29 +0000 Maserati_Kubang_front

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne announced this week production of the Maserati Levante SUV will begin at the automaker’s Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy beginning in 2015.

Reuters reports Marchionne also proclaimed the Alfieri introduced at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show could go into production within 28 months if FCA wanted to make it so, noting that “the platforms and motors are there” for the grand tourer, though no word was given on whether the Alfieri will join the Levante at Mirafiori should plans come to pass.

Regarding the financial health of Maserati, Marchionne remained optimistic for what the future holds, stating the Alfieri was “an indication of things to come” for the luxury brand. Maserati’s increased profits also signal a sea change for FCA overall as they prepare for Alfa Romeo’s re-introduction into the United States this summer.

However, an uphill battle still waits for FCA; while Maserati moved 15,400 units last year, the figure is far short of the brand’s goal of 50,000 units for 2015. The brand must also contend with the likes of Audi and BMW, emulating their successes with more affordable vehicles while also avoiding potential damage to its image.

Along with the aforementioned re-introduction, FCA is crossing its fingers that their two-prong strategy will pay off big by bringing the Italo-American automaker back in the black by 2016, surviving the economic storm in Europe that has all but battered the auto industry as a whole.

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Opel Cascada Leading Brand’s Return To Australia Thu, 06 Mar 2014 13:30:41 +0000 Opel_Cascada_Innovation_2.0_BiTurbo_CDTI

Though the local auto industry in Australia is slowly drawing to a close, a few Opels will soon be found in Holden showrooms, beginning with the Cascada convertible.

Carsguide reports Holden dealers were told in a briefing to make room for the convertible on their sales floors, as well as to expect more Opels to arrive in the future. Though nothing more was said about which Opels were to follow, News Corp Australia believes the Astra could be the next in line, sold alongside the locally produced Cruze until the end of all local production in 2017.

The Cascada’s arrival to the Australian market comes after Opel as a brand left the continent in August 2013, where 20 dealerships were folded and 15 office staff based in Melbourne were dismissed due to poor sales; prior to the experiment, Opel sold their cars with Holden badges in the 1990s through the early 2000s.

Opel’s return is part of a strategy by General Motors president and New Zealand native Dan Ammann to reaffirm his employer’s commitment to the Australian market, and to Holden, as he told reporters at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show this week:

We’re going to make sure we bring the product portfolio to the market that the customers really want. The Australian market has evolved a lot… it’s going to come back to how do we best meet their needs.

The Cascada will be sold for $50,000 AUD by the end of 2014.

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Geneva 2014: Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:23:30 +0000 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-10


Just to be sure that nobody would confuse it with the Acura CL, Mercedes is now calling it the S-Class Coupe.

2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-10 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-04 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-03 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-01 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-07 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-05 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-06 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-13 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-15 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-17 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-22 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-23 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-24 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-25 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-26 2015-Mercedes-Benz-S-Class-Coupe-27 ]]> 40
Geneva 2014: Jaguar XFR-S Sportbrake Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:22:09 +0000 Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake (1)


550 horsepower supercharged V8 in a British wrapper coated in French Blue paint. A bit confusing? Not really – it’s a CTS-V Wagon for those under the jurisdiction of the EU Parliament.

2015-Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake-01 2015-Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake-02 2015-Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake-04 2015-Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake-05 2015-Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake-06 2015-Jaguar-XFR-S-Sportbrake-08 ]]> 10
Geneva 2014: MINI Clubman Concept Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:18:12 +0000 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-02

At 10 inches longer and 7 inches wider than the current Clubman, this really is the Maxi Mini. And it’s got two extra doors. While officially a concept, you can bet that this is making it into production.

MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-01 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-02 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-03 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-04 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-05 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-06 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-07 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-08 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-09 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-10 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-12 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-14 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-15 MINI-Clubman-Concept-Live-Shot-16 ]]> 26
Geneva 2014: Nissan Juke Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:15:41 +0000 Nissan-Juke-01

The big news for the Nissan Juke is what you can’t see: according to them, Nissan claims that the cargo area is 40 percent larger on front-wheel drive models, now up to 12.5 feet. World markets also get a new 1.2L turbo 4-cylinder engine. I’m just hoping they’ll finally give us an all-wheel drive 6MT version. I’m glad it’s still weird.

Nissan-Juke-01 Nissan-Juke-01_8 Nissan-Juke-03 Nissan-Juke-05 Nissan-Juke-06 Nissan-Juke-07 Nissan-Juke-09 Nissan-Juke-12 ]]> 28
Geneva 2014: Lamborghini Huracan Is The Vanguard Of The V10s Wed, 05 Mar 2014 16:11:55 +0000 Huracan-08


Yes, exotics aren’t really the main draw for TTAC readers – discussions of Panthers, W-Bodies and the minivan versus CUV debate tend to get everyone going – but it’s nice to break up the monotony every now and then. Besides, where else can you find a naturally aspirated 610 horsepower V10?

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Apple to Show iOS in the Car at Geneva … in a Ferrari Sun, 02 Mar 2014 16:49:11 +0000 Ferrari Apple iOS

According to Brand Finance and other business experts, Ferrari- not Apple- is the world’s strongest brand. Apple, however, are no dummies- and they’ve decided to hitch their “iOS in the Car” wagon to Ferrari’s ever-rising star when both companies step out onto the stage at the 84th Geneva International Motor Show and show off Apple’s in-car operating system … in the new, production-ready LaFerrari hybrid super car and the new for 2014 Ferrari California T.

Apple and Ferrari first announced their collaboration almost a year ago, after last year’s Geneva show. It makes perfect sense, then, that the first fruits of their labor should appear now, on the largest automotive stage in the world … and not too long after Ford hilariously announced that it would be integrating- *snerk!* a version of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry OS into its own cars.

Further evidence for the upcoming announcement comes in the person of Eddy Cue. Eddy’s the vice president of Internet Software and Services at Apple, likely one of the people most involved with iOS in the Car, and just so happens to have been named to the Ferrari’s board of directors last November, making the Ferrari/Apple connection that much more obvious.

SO, while we wait for the official announcement to happen at Geneva, let’s take a look at the highly visible Ferraris that are expected to carry the new Apple iOS in the Car system, below. Just, you know, don’t expect Siri to be any good.


Apple iOS in the Car / Ferrari California T

Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari California Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari California Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari California Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari California


Apple iOS in the Car / Ferrari LaFerrari

Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari LaFerrari Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari LaFerrari Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari LaFerrari Apple iOS in a Car + Ferrari LaFerrari

Originally published on Gas 2.

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Hyundai To Challenge BMW, Mercedes With Genesis Sedan In Europe Thu, 27 Feb 2014 13:55:32 +0000 2015 Hyundai Genesis

Set to be introduced to the European premium market at the Geneva Auto Show next week, the Hyundai Genesis will be aimed at establishing a foothold for the automaker in the market against BMW and Mercedes upon arrival in showrooms in June, particularly in Southern Europe, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Automotive News Europe reports Hyundai expects to sell 1,000 of the premium sedans to a targeted group of customers who are familiar with the brand, especially those ready to attach diplomat plates to their new purchase. No price has been announced thus far, though the automaker has pegged the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E-Class as rivals to their Genesis.

Overall, Hyundai aims to increase their market share on the continent from 3.4 percent currently to 5 percent by 2020. Though sales fell 5.5 percent last month, there are already 6 million vehicles on the road, with 70 percent under seven years of age. Customer retention also increased, moving from 36 percent in 2010 to 50 percent in the present, which benefits Hyundai in Europe according to regional head Allan Rushforth:

Working on loyalty is really fundamental to the economics of our business, and the success of our business in Europe. We’ve been a conquest brand to get to this point, but we’ve got to evolve and mature to balance retention and conquest in the future.

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Ford Unveils 2015 Focus, 1-Liter 3-Pot Manual-Only For U.S. Mon, 24 Feb 2014 12:00:22 +0000 focus-leak24-1

Ahead of its world debut at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain prior to making the rounds at the Geneva and New York auto shows next month, Ford has unveiled its redesigned 2015 Focus.

The Detroit Free Press reports the updated Focus, set to enter showrooms in Europe and the United States this fall with assembly in South America and Asia following soon after, takes its looks from its Fusion stablemate with a new grill, while a higher hood line, lower stance, new lighting elements and a restyled trunk lid for the sedan complete the package.

Underneath the hood, the 1.0L EcoBoost three-cylinder from the Fiesta will find a home in the Focus. Like the Fiesta, the engine will only be paired with a six-speed manual for the U.S. market; other markets will receive an automatic option, as well as the station wagon above. Though Ford hasn’t released mileage figures, the pairing is expected to deliver above the 40 mpg highway rating held by the current model.

Inside, the driver will have greater access to their car’s electronic communications with the Blue Oval’s SYNC AppLink system, allowing iOS and Android users to download and use more than 60 related apps to access everything from real-time vehicle data to hands-free notifications when a phone is connected. In addition, lane-keeping and blind-spot warning systems will be standard.

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Renault Twingo Goes Upscale, RWD Wed, 12 Feb 2014 17:00:34 +0000 Renault Twin'Run Concept

Renault’s production alliance with Daimler is about to bear fruit as the automaker will unveil their new Twingo minicar at the 2014 Geneva Auto Show next month.

The new car — going from three doors to five for this outing — will be underpinned by a platform shared with Smart’s upcoming four-seater, both of which will also be rear-wheel drive, and assembled at Renault’s Novo Mesto, Slovenia plant.

Automotive News Europe is reporting that the switch to RWD is part of an effort to take the Twingo upscale, offering a level of personalization Fiat and Opel offer in their respective minicars to the customer. Styling is expected to take cues from the Twin’Z and above Twin’Run concepts shown at auto shows last year.

Renault aims for conquest sales with the next-gen Twingo, wanting to attract more men to the car; the majority of current-gen Twingo buyers are women.

The newly revised minicar will enter Renault showrooms in the third quarter of 2014.

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New Face of 2015 Ford Focus Revealed Mon, 06 Jan 2014 15:07:00 +0000 2015 Ford Focus

Three years ago, Ford unveiled the third-generation Focus to the excitement of American enthusiasts who thought the second-generation model lacked “zazz,” to say the least. Come 2015, the Focus will have a new face, and that’s only the beginning.

Debuting at the Geneva Auto Show in March, the 2015 Focus not only has a new, more Aston-Martinesque mouth — bringing it in line with the Fiesta and Fusion — but also a reshaped hood, front spoiler, and rear bumper. Inside, the “mobile phone”-inspired morass of buttons on the current model will soon be replaced by a more sensible, conventional layout featuring updated climate controls.

For the big gun of the collection, the Focus ST is expected to have more aggressive bodywork than the rest of the Focus lineup, along with improvements to the suspension and steering for sharper handling.

Under the hood, however, engine options will be carried-over into the 2015 model year, ranging from the 1-liter EcoBoost pumping out a minimum of 98 horsepower at the low-end, to the 247-horsepower 2-liter monster under the ST. Russian, Chinese and Brazilian markets will see 1.5-liter gasoline and diesel compliance engines as part of their engine choices.

Green enthusiasts will be pleased to know that plug-in variant (in the vein of the C-Max Energi) is in the offing; thus, expect a similar total output of 192 horsepower from its combined electric/gasoline power with 20 miles of electric-only travel. The all-electric Focus will still be available, as well.

The price of admission should more or less hold for 2015, so expect to pay anywhere from around $17,000 to $35,000 depending on model of choice

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Marchionne Wants To Set New World Record On The Jeep Wed, 06 Mar 2013 19:12:27 +0000

All of you who talked smack about the New Jeep Cherokee, take note: Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne believes in this car, so much that he predicts Chrysler selling more than 800,000 Jeeps worldwide in 2013.

At the Geneva Motor Show, Marchionne told Reuters:

“Last year we sold more than 700,000 Jeeps and this year we’re aiming to sell more than 800,000. With the new Cherokee coming out in May we’ll be in the largest vehicle segment in the U.S., and that’s important.”

800,000 would be a new world record as far as Jeeps go. In 2012, Jeep sales were 701,626, up 19 percent. The previous high mark was set in 1999 with 675,494 units.


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Wanna Wraith? Tue, 05 Mar 2013 12:11:02 +0000  

Not to be outdone by the bull from Wolfsburg, BMW’s adopted super-luxury brand, Rolls Royce, offers its “most powerful and dynamic Rolls-Royce in history.” The Wraith, a car “with just a hint of the noir,” as Rolls says in an email.

The car looks a little bit like when a Plymouth Barracuda went to 4th base with a Phantom. It’s the Rolls version of a fastback muscle car. The V12 engine makes 624 bhp and propels the big bruiser from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

In the gizmo department, the Wraith has a Satellite Aided Transmission (a.k.a., clever, clever SAT:) Via GPS mapping, “the correct gear is always pre-selected for the road terrain ahead.”

In Europe, the car will cost €245K ($320k) – downright approachable, compared to the Wolfsburg bull.

P90115725_lowRes P90115726_lowRes P90115727_lowRes P90115728_lowRes P90115729_lowRes P90115730_lowRes P90115731_lowRes P90115732_lowRes P90115733_lowRes P90115734_lowRes P90115735_lowRes P90115736_lowRes P90115737_lowRes P90115738_lowRes P90115739_lowRes P90115740_lowRes P90115741_lowRes P90115742_lowRes wraith Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail ]]> 27
From XL-1 to Veneno, Volkswagen Shows Cars For Everyman Tue, 05 Mar 2013 11:05:35 +0000

The volks who worry about Volkswagen being incapable of directing its big band of brands should make a trip to Geneva. Today, the boys from Wolfsburg launch a barrage at all target groups.

Aimed at the “blogger who drives mother’s old Celica and googles for super car pics” segment, Lamborghini delivers more bull:

Lamborghini’s 750 hp Veneno fits that segment like a USB gaming glove, and it is priced right: At an MSRP of $4.65 million, the production run of three (yes, three) is probably just right. Five would be channel stuffing.


The design – clearly inspired by the package design of overclocked Taiwanese motherboards, with a riff on late night vegetable cutter infomercials – is perfect. The crowd loves it. The engine, well, the engine still needs some work. Despite finely honed product planning, the target audience is complaining. Not about the price of the car. About its lack of power: Just 750 hp? The covers were barely pulled off the latest bull by buxom product specialists, and the target audience is already moaning into its keyboards:

“My reaction wasn’t ‘750hp, Holy crap!’, but rather ‘Really? That’s it?’”

+1 , +1, +1

“Its like seriously WTF.”


There will be some who complain that the three 750hp Lamborghinis will seriously enlarge the WTF ozone hole. For those, Volkswagen offers, on the other side of the spectrum, its 261 mpg XL-1 super green machine.

Prices are still a secret, the rumor machine cites six figure numbers. Like Lamborghini’s bull, the XL-1 is made from sheets of hand-laid unobtanium and provides similar cramped interior space. Volkswagen brought what looks like this year’s full production run to Geneva.

For the silent majority,.Volkswagen shows at least 6 Golfs, from a natural gas powered Golf TGI Bluemotion all the way to a hot station wagon, the Golf Estate R-Line.

The bull gets the Tweets, the Golf gets the volume.

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Volvo Lets You Drive High Mon, 04 Mar 2013 15:26:28 +0000

Automatic high beams have been around since I drove a 70’s era Cadillac DeVille, probably longer. At the Geneva Motor Show, Volvo shows a new and improved automatic high beam. Fitted into the S60, V60 and XC60, Volvo’s Active High Beam Control shields cars in front of you from the brights.

According to Volvo, the system uses the camera already installed for the detection and auto brake systems to identify the other vehicle and the area that needs to be shaded.

The control unit talks to a mechanism integrated into the headlamp. A tiny cylinder with metal pieces of different sizes allows the possibility of shading just as much of the beam as necessary.

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Ford EcoSport: Low Cost Crossover Released Into The Wastelands Of Europe Thu, 28 Feb 2013 07:18:15 +0000

The Ford EcoSport, launched last year into the wilds of South America, is being unleashed upon unsuspecting Europeans at the Geneva Motor Show. Handheld nerds already have been given an EcoSport preview at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Ford was in Barcelona to show off its improved SYNC. It has kept its familiar “give me a second while I think about this” responsiveness, as the video above demonstrates. With the EcoSport, Europeans will now be able to savor a car that is making South American soccer moms, I mean, consumers, giddy with pleasure. Could America be next?

According to reports, the Fiesta-based EcoSport will slot below the Ford Kuga, and is supposed to mix it up with the Opel Mokka and the Nissan Juke. Europeans will get 3 engine choices: a conventional 1.5L herding 115 horsies, a 1.0L Ecoboost Turbo that ponies up 125hp, and, otherwise it would be doomed in Europe, a 1.5L turbo-diesel that puts 90 hp in the drivers hand.

Coming back to the Barcelona preview, the new Ford will offer voice-activated Sync and a Ford version of GM’s On Star that’ll put the car in contact to the nearest rescue service in case of an accident. Neither system is available in Brazil. Maybe Sync doesn’t do Brazilian Portuguese? Or do Portuguese need to talk to the car in Spanish?

No word yet as to country of origin. Well, we are sure it won’t be made in Belgium. In Spain perhaps?

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Another Car Show, Another MINI: John Cooper Works Paceman – Yes, My Name Is Longer Than Yours Wed, 27 Feb 2013 14:32:08 +0000

BMW executes on its plan to bring at least one new MINI to every show it graces. In Geneva, it is the MINI John Cooper Works Paceman, a.k.a. the MINI with the maxi name.  If we believe the press release, the car “combines mouthwatering sporting flair and inimitable style to usher in a new dimension in driving fun.”

What’s more, “the new model sees the compact Sports Activity Coupé concept wrapped up in an extra layer of muscular proportions and dynamically stretched lines.”wait, there’s …

… more: “The driver and passengers can lap up the resultant sensation of race competition and the interior’s characteristic sports car ambience from four individual seats.” Who writes that stuff?

The engine is the familiar blown 1.6-liter four-cylinder mill It still “develops output of 160 kW/218hp and peak torque of 280 Newton meters (207 lb-ft), which can be increased to 300 Newton meters (221 lb-ft) for short periods between 2,100 and 4,500 rpm courtesy of the overboost function.”

Tell you what, instead of trying to wade through the multiple pages of the short form of the press release, here is the long form, ready for download. 1 megabyte, so watch your smartphone cap.

Collegial hint to BMW: Those press releases are a violation of the Geneva AND the Hague Land War Conventions. Their mitigating factor is the class leading rich supply of pictures. In that department, you are the best, BMW.  Alright, we need to fill the space between the pictures, somehow …

MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -01- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -02- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -03- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -04- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -05- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -06- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -07- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -08- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -09- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -10- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -11- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -12- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -13- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -14- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -15- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -16- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -17- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -18- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -19- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -20- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -21- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -22- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -23- Picture courtesy BMW MINI John Cooper Works Paceman  2014 -24- Picture courtesy BMW



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Geneva 2012: Ford Fiesta ST Wed, 07 Mar 2012 21:47:55 +0000

Can we just get this in a five-door? Even though Fiesta sales aren’t as great as Ford would hope, I quite like this ST version.

With a 1.6L Ecoboost 4-cylinder making 180 horsepower and 177 lb-ft, the Fiesta ST also has chassis improvements, Torque Vectoring Control, programmable stability control and Recaro bucket seats. I’m not too optimistic about this car’s chances in North America, but wouldn’t it be nice nonetheless…

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-17 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-15 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-14 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-13 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-10 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-09 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-08 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-07 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-05 2013-Ford-Fiesta-ST-03 2013 Ford Fiesta ST. Photo courtesy


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Geneva 2012: Chevrolet Cruze Manual Diesel Station Wagon, What Everyone SHOULD Be Driving Wed, 07 Mar 2012 17:49:12 +0000

This is the Chevrolet Cruze Manual Diesel Wagon. This is what all of us North Americans should be driving. Everyone in Europe drives a manual, diesel wagon, and if we brought them to North America, everyone would drive them. Because they’re more efficient than a hybrid, and more practical than a wasteful, ugly, boring CUV. Just one problem; if everyone drove them,wagon lovers would no longer be able to lord their supposed superiority over the masses – maybe they’d start buying Honda CR-V’s, since they can only define their worth via consumption of consumer goods.

In all seriousness, the Cruze Wagon does look like a nice car, and I’d like to see it come over to North America. In addition to Our Lord Christ The 1.7L And 2.0L Diesel Engines, there’s also a few gasoline options, among them the 1.4T found in the Cruze sedan. The diesel versions do get a start-stop system, a neat addition to an already efficient powerplant. Interestingly, the wagon is only 3.1 inches longer than the sedan.

Zemanta Related Posts Thumbnail Chevy-Cruze-Wagon-08 Chevy-Cruze-Wagon-06 Chevy-Cruze-Wagon-03 Chevy-Cruze-Wagon-02 Chevy-Cruze-Wagon-01 Chevy-Cruze-Wagon. Photo courtesy ]]> 84
Geneva 2012: Mitsubishi Outlander Gets Plug-In Variant, 31 Mile EV Range Wed, 07 Mar 2012 17:33:49 +0000

The Mitsubishi Outlander, a vehicle nobody cared about, is now sort of interesting, thanks to the addition of a Plug-in Hybrid system that is also compatible with the vehicle’s 4WD system.

With an EV range of 31 miles, the Outlander can run in Pure EV mode (only the front and rear electric motors), Series EV mode (where the gasoline engine assists the twin electric motors, which play a primary role in powering the car) and Parallel EV mode (where both systems work in tandem – this mode is used for higher speeds like freeway driving). There’s also a Battery Charge Mode, which, obviously, allows the battery to charge via the gasoline motors.

An on-sale date and pricing haven’t been announced, but the Outlander’s all-electric 4WD system and plug-in hybrid drivetrain look interesting. Mitsubishi’s precarious history and financial situation means that we’ll have to see it on dealer lots to believe it.

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Geneva 2012: Fiat 500L, Heir To The Multipla Throne Wed, 07 Mar 2012 16:31:20 +0000

North America missed on the ermm…unique…Fiat Multipla, sold in Europe in the late 1990′s, but Fiat dealers, clamoring for another product, will get the Multipla’s spiritual successor, the 500L.

Although it bears the 500 moniker, the 500L is closer in size to a Mini Countryman. Built in Fiat’s factory in Serbian (making the 500L the first Balkan car to hit the U.S. since the Yugo), engine choices for Europe include both the 1.4L 4-cylinder from the 500 and the 900cc TwinAir turbocharged 2-cylinder engine. A 1.3L Multijet diesel will also be offered. These engine choices will likely not make the cut for North America – the anemic 1.4L naturally aspirated engine will be painfully slow, and both the diesel and the TwinAir, fabulous as they are, are too bizarre for our tastes. The Abarth’s 1.4L turbocharged motor is the most probably candidate.

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