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By on April 24, 2016

Ten Best/Worst Automobiles Today

You’ve nominated almost every vehicle sold in the United States for TTAC’s Ten Best and Worst Autos for 2016 — but your nominations still count.

On the line is a $100 Amazon gift card and your chance to be immortalized in Internet glory as we use your nomination reasons for content fodder.

Consider this your last call announcement. Nominate your best and worst now!

By on April 18, 2016

Ten Best/Worst Automobiles Today

Nearly 10 years ago, Robert Farago and Frank Williams stumbled upon a grand idea: to counter all those other websites, media outlets, and blogs competing to see who could fellate automakers the quickest and fastest, TTAC decided instead to put on a pair of size 12 steel-toe boots and swing its leg where the sun don’t shine. Thus, TTAC birthed the TWAT awards.

Since then, The Best Automobiles Going (TBAG) awards joined its elder sibling, and the two were renamed so as not to offend the sensibilities of some. This year, Ten Best and Ten Worst are back — in a new time slot, but on the same channel — and it all starts with you.

Your mission: Set your typing fingers alight with vitriol and smash some keys. Nominations are now open.

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By on September 11, 2012

Some time ago in TTACs history, the site held an award for the poorest choices in the automobile kingdom. We called it the Ten Worst Automobiles Today – or, the TWATs, for short. It’s been almost 4 years since the TWATs were last run, but for 2012, they’re back.

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By on December 20, 2008

The votes are cast. The polls are closed. And there’s no question which vehicles our Best and Brightest consider the TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles 2008. The good news: there are only two new “winners” this year. The bad news: there are only two new “winners” this year. In fact, eight of last year’s Ten Worst are still in production. Even more depressing: half of this year’s winners  have “won” TTAC’s Ten Worst three years running. How long can these turkeys hang on? Pass the cranberry sauce and read on.

There was no doubt about the final ten. When all the nominees were lined up in order of the number of votes garnered, there was a huge gap between numbers 10 and 11. So how did they rank?  Here they are:

10. Chevy TrailBlazer / GMC Envoy / Isuzu Ascender / Saab 9-7X – What’s not to love about a refined straight six or a rip-snorting V8 in a family hauler? The miserable GMT-360 platform. No matter what iteration you pick, you get a jittery ride, third-world interior and panel gaps large enough to be seen from outer space. After years of insignificant redesigns, this rig’s corroded six brands, killed two and put three in the hospital. Die already, will ya? – sm

9. VW Routan – The Volkswagen Routan is a badge-engineered Dodge Caravan. Pros forge Monets, not Hello Kitty posters.- mm

8. HUMMER H2 – I secretly like the H2. It fits with my theory that all SUVs need to look like Patton could’ve used ’em to invade Sicily. Problem is, the poster child for “Drill Baby, Drill!” is anything but. It’s a Chevy Tahoe in a fat suit. A body on frame anachronism that not even a G.I. Joe doll could love. – jl

7. HUMMER H3/H3T – The Edsel had a peculiar name and a “controversial” design. The wrong car for the wrong time, it was a failure from the word go. Sorry. Did I say Edsel? I meant HUMMER H3. – wcm

6. Dodge Nitro – Do you think the tropical-paradise-nuking French care that we put panties on a few prisoners’ heads? No, they abhor our conspicuous consumption and tough-guy dress-up routines. To show them we have a sense of humor, we should send them the Dodge Nitro: a slow, cramped, artless knockoff of a HUMMER H2. Either that or use the Nitro as artillery shells. – jl

5. Dodge Caliber – As the ad campaign put it, the Caliber is anything but cute. Specifically, it’s noisy, garish, heavy-footed, hard to see out of, gutless, inefficient and poorly built. By trying to tart-up a compact to look like something Americans loved (big utes), Chrysler destroyed nearly every benefit of the small-hatch form. – en

4. Chrysler Aspen / Dodge Durango – You can dress up an ancient, arthritic, gas-sucking, poorly-packaged Dodge Durango as a Chrysler Aspen, but you can’t take it anywhere. Saying that, you can give it an expensive two-mode gas – electric hybrid system and drive it to Congress to get a bailout. But then people who know cars will laugh. As they should.  rf

3. Chevrolet Aveo – The Aveo continues to offer a snap-crackle-pop interior, mediocre gas mileage, roly-poly handling and gutless onramp terror. With GM touting for bailout bucks, the fact that this sad excuse for an economy car comes from Korea is painfully poignant. And just plain painful. – en

2. Jeep Compass – From droning tires to a jouncy suspension to an engine that moans more than a five-year-old denied Disneyland, this un-Jeep is a cacophony of cheap. Design-wise, The Compass is a sub-moronic riff on the brand’s storied heritage. If you need further proof that Jeep Compass is an abominable snow job, check out the fake rivets on the shift knob. Better yet, don’t. – rf

1. Chrysler Sebring / Dodge Avenger – What do you do after a tremendous, demographic-busting hit like the 300C? If you’re Chrysler, you offer up a malformed, worst-in-segment, natural-born rental car and expect consumers to buy it. When historians write Chrysler’s obituary, the Sebring will get its own chapter. – jl

You have chosen…wisely. These are surely the most putrefied products on the automotive landscape today.  But what about the rest? How did the also-rans rank? Here they are, in order from number 11 through number 23:

11. smart fortwo
12. Jeep Commander
13. Pontiac Torrent
14. Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon
15. Cadillac Escalade
16. Lincoln Mark LT
17. Scion xB
18. Kia Amanti
19. Chevy Cobalt / Pontiac G5
20. Suzuki Forenza
21. Tesla Roadster
22. Buick Lacrosse
23. Saab 9-5

And so ends yet another TTAC Ten Worst Vehicle award. Will anything change before the 2009 awards? With everything that’s going on in the industry right now, something has to change. But rest assured that unless everything changes for the better, we’ll be back in a year, looking at next year’s latest crop of automotive atrocities and singling out America’s Ten Worst Vehicles. Meanwhile, thanks for your help, support and snark. We couldn’t do this without you. Nor would we.

By on December 12, 2008

You’ve seen the list of TTAC’s Ten Worst nominees and discussed their merits or lack thereof. Our crack team of freelance writers have surveyed your list of losers and narrowed it down, from 119 crapmobiles to 23. (There was a four-way tie for position 20.) Make the jump to savor the list of finalists. And then, the moment of truth. Click at the link at the bottom of this post to select your ten choices for TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles for 2008. [Multiple voting or clever geeky cheating will result in a permanent site ban.] Other than not buying these machines, this is your best chance to send their creators a simple message, as espoused by Roomful of Blues: “that will never do.”

Buick LaCrosse
Cadillac Escalade
Chevrolet TrailBlazer / GMC Envoy / Isuzu Ascender / Saab 9-7X (GMT-360)* **
Chevy Aveo* **
Chevy Cobalt/Pontiac G5
Chevy Colorado / GMC Canyon
Chrysler Aspen / Dodge Durango* **
Chrysler Sebring / Dodge Avenger*
Dodge Caliber
Dodge Nitro*
Hummer H2* **
Hummer H3 / H3T*
Jeep Commander
Jeep Compass* **
Kia Amanti
Lincoln Mark LT**
Pontiac Torrent
Saab 9-5
Scion xB
smart fortwo
Suzuki Forenza
Tesla Roadster
VW Routan

*2007 Ten Worst Winner
** 2006 Ten Worst Winner

This year’s choices range from the minuscule (smart fortwo) to the monstrous (Escalade, H2, Aspen/Durango). There’s high tech (Tesla), low tech (LaCrosse), no tech (Colorado/Canyon). Just to show that those who don’t learn from their mistakes are condemned to repeat them, every previous winner that’s still in production made it back for another round (save the Subaru Tribeca née B9). The Detroit Three seem to be getting their act together– or the competition is getting worse. This year marks the highest number of foreign nameplates in our third annual TTAC’s Ten Worst finals.

A couple of things about the list may catch your eye. First, the dismally Daewooian Chevy Aveo is listed, but the Pontiac G3 is nowhere to be found. That’s because the G3 won’t go on sale in the U.S. until spring of next year (if Pontiac lasts that long); it’s ineligible for this year’s award. Also, the Aspen/Durango Hybrids are combined with the rest of the Asparango lineup because they received about the same number of votes. Why choose between one or the other, when they’re both what the bull left in the barnyard?

The rest of the list is pretty straightforward. So which of these excrable vehicles deserve to be called TTAC’s Ten Worst of 2008? Click on the link below, jump to the poll and vote for your favorite (least favorite?) nominee. Voting closes at midnight EST Sunday, December 14th. The winners will be announced toward the end of the week. Thank you for your participation.

Vote here

By on December 8, 2008

The nominations for TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles 2008 are in. All of last year’s winners [still in production] garnered repeat nominations. In total, there are 121 automobiles that TTAC’s Best and Brightest consider to be the Worst and Dullest. Our capable writing staff (and the rest of them) now has the difficult task of separating the merely bad from the inexcusably execrable. While we wait on their verdict, here’s a summary of what we have so far, and why.

In spite of the love heaped on hybrids by the “me-too” media, Hollywood hollowheads, auto execs looking for handouts and politicians going for green (of one sort or another), the gas – electric genre took it on the chin. The discussion on the Toyota Prius’ whitebreadiatitude almost came to cyber-blows (don’t ask). Meanwhile, commentators nominated several vehicles’ hybrid version (GMT-900s, Vue, Malibu, Aura, Aspen and Durango). So what’s wrong with these fuel misers?

On the GMT-900s (including the ever-popular Cadillac Escalade Hybrid), psarhjinian says, “A Venn diagram with environmentalists in one circle and full-size BOF truck buyers in another wouldn’t be a Venn diagram. It’d be two separate circles. On two different pages. Probably in two different books. Possibly not even in the same building.”

Jaje feels Chrysler missed the same boat with their Chrysler Aspen and Dodge Durango two-mode gas – electric models: “Chrysler again late to the game answered a question nobody ever cared about.”

Kurt B thinks the Vue Hybrid goes overboard on trying for the green image. “How many HYBRID stickers and badges can you put on one vehicle??? Owners should be supplied with a hair dryer, fishing wire and a can of WD-40.”

And GM’s lackadaisical attempt with the Malibu and Aura Hybrids struck Stevelovescars as just plain wrong. “They are a weak effort and the new 6-speed auto/4-cylinder engine delivers nearly identical mileage for less money. I bet they could sell you little “hybrid” badges to glue on the fenders of the base Malibu for $200 and it would make a bigger difference in attracting green-minded buyers to their showrooms.”

Hybrid anti-hype aside, commentators nominated vehicles for a variety of reasons. Some felt that bad marketing was reason enough for a vehicle to earn its date with infamy. The VW Routan (“Stick a VW badge on a Voyager and call it “German Engineering”? Oh please!” – Giltibo) and Jeep Compass (“a so-so small CUV that has NO place in a Jeep showroom” – Red Stapler) lead that particular pack.

Others felt that abject blandness justified a place on the list. In this, the Toyota Corolla was the pabulum poster child: “Most boring car I have ever driven. Looked at one for my fiance and she said the same thing (and she generally has no opinion about cars.” – shabatski.

No question: TTAC’s Best and Brightest go their own way in matters automotive. Four of Car and Driver’s 10Best were nominated for TTAC’s Ten Worst. These were the BMW 3-series (“The bigger is better theory has bloated the once nimble 3 series into former 5 series territory” – JTParts), the Honda Accord (“Japanese re-incarnation of the Ford Taurus. Overweight, too large, poor dash materials and bad styling.” – wolffman), the Honda Fit (“in typical Honda fashion, the outgoing model had better fuel economy… Even in the same Honda showroom you can get a Civic with more power and better fuel economy for the same price as a Fit.” – njoneer), and the Porsche Boxster (“Have crank will travel. Feel comfortable on the camskin while you wait for the tow truck to arrive.” – Bubba Gump).

You have to wonder what criteria C/D uses to select their “Best” when an informed group of gearheads thinks 40 percent of them actually belong among the “Worst.” Or, in C/D’s case, not. Anyway, the non-hits keep happening…

Seth L took Acura to task for the aesthetics of their latest offerings: “The new TL and TSX are ugly, bloated, and worse then their predecessors in most ways.” Steve Lang waxed eloquent about the car everyone loves to hate: “The Sebring though is just a hideous creature made out of 1700 Tonka toys. If it were any more plastic, it would be made in Hollywood.”  And y2kdcar’s progeny wondered what was going in BMW’s styling studios: “I pointed [an X6] out to my 12-year-old son, who immediately dissed it for being as ugly as the Pontiac Aztek and asked why a company would design something so hideous. I didn’t have a good answer for him.”

Historically, the previous year’s winners have been the front runners in the nominations process. So will the Chevrolet Aveo, HUMMER H2, Saab 9-7X, Chrysler Aspen and Jeep Compass make it a three-peat? Or has someone managed to come-up with something so abysmal it’ll usurp these perennial favorites? We’ll know soon. Voting to select TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles for 2008 commences on Friday.

[Click here for a pdf of all 121 nominees]

By on December 5, 2008

With all the industry news we’ve been covering, the Ten Worst Vehicles Awards got pushed to the back burner. But now that the meltdown is underway and seems to be running on autopilot, it’s time to take a look at the jaundiced jalopies that contributed to the fiasco formerly known as the auto industry. For those of you who are new to the site, the Ten Worst Vehicles is TTAC’s homage to excessively egregious examples of vehicular vomitus the automakers puked on the car-buying public during the year.  TTACs Best and Brightest (that’s you) make the nominations, our crackhead team of writers narrow the field to 20 or so of the crappiest and then you vote on the top (or bottom) ten. Just to refresh your memories, here are the buckets of bolts you selected as the crème de la crap in 2007:

10. Saturn ION – Thankfully they finally rethinked this one right out of existence

9. Chrysler Aspen – A high-tech hybrid powertrain and massive incentives aren’t enough to revive this turkey.

8. Chevrolet TrailBlazer / GMC Envoy / Isuzu Ascender / Saab 9-7X  – All but dead.  Good riddance.

7. Hummer H2 –  Sells so poorly the entire division is on life support.

6. Hummer H3 – That’s not an exhaust note, it’s a death rattle.

5. Chevrolet Uplander – Dead and finally gone.  They even closed the plant.

4. Dodge Nitro – Fizzled like wet fireworks.

3. Chevrolet Aveo – The mouth breather grill won’t help this bottom feeder.

2. Chrysler Sebring – So bad even the rental companies aren’t buying it.

1. Jeep Compass – Jeep enthusiasts asked WTF and buyers agreed.

In case you’ve forgotten since last year, or you’re a Ten Worst virgin, here’s are the rules:

1.  Any car or light truck offered for sale as a new vehicle in the U.S. between January 1 and today is eligible for nomination. I know those of you in Canada and other countries feel left out, but we have to draw the line somewhere to keep this under control.  It doesn’t matter who built it or where, just that it’s sold legally in the States.

2.  All nominations have to be justified.  That doesn’t mean just saying it’s a POS car.  Tell us WHY it’s a POS car.  Nominations may be deleted unceremoniously and without warning for any of the following reasons:  insufficient justification, excessive verbosity or pontification, foul language or patent absurdity.

3.  All nominations must meet TTAC’s house rules on flaming or trolling (i.e., don’t).  Offensive comments about other readers will be summarily deleted and the writer could be banned from TTAC.  However, offensive observations about the nominees are encouraged.

4.  Blatantly badge-engineered siblings can be nominated jointly if they all suck equally (see winner #8 above).  Platform mates can be nominated separately, but may be combined at the whim of the editor for the final vote.

5.  If we can wake them up long enough, TTAC’s writers will select 20 finalists from the nominees, give or take a few.  The number of times a vehicle is nominated is irrelevant so don’t waste the pixels on typing “me too.”

6.  Readers will vote via an electronic survey on the 20 or so finalists to determine America’s Ten Worst Vehicles.  Multiple voting ain’t kosher so don’t even try.

7.  Nominations begin today and will continue until midnight EDT, Sunday December 8, with the 20 finalists presented for voting a few days afterwards.  The winners will be announced whenever we get around to it.  We have nothing to give the winners but our disdain, so the winning manufacturers will find out about it like everyone else.

How do you decide what crapmoblies are worthy of your attention?

– Styling so bad it could even make Stevie Wonder look the other way.

– A market misfit that makes you wonder what the product planners were smoking, drinking, shooting up or otherwise self-administering.

– Engineering malpractice that makes the vehicle practically undrivable or so bland you wouldn’t want to drive it.

– Something that you can’t quite put your finger on but gives you the urge to regurge anytime you think about it.

So now it’s in your court.  Make your nominations below and tell us which ones you think are really deserving of being named one of TTAC’s Ten Worst Vehicles for 2008.

Please note: Nominations will close at midnight EST Sunday, December 8.

By on June 13, 2008

jp008_002cp.jpgIt's been a bit over six months since you, our Best and Brightest, picked 2007's Ten Worst Automobiles. A lot's happened in the industry since then, not much of it good. SUVs are out and econoboxs are in, gas prices are insane and manufacturers are closing factories and realigning those left. To lighten the mood during these dark days, let's see how our biggest losers have fared amidst all this turmoil.

10. Saturn ION:  RIP

The lame duck ION waddles off the field of battle without achieving any glory whatsoever.

The last of the plastic-paneled Saturns (and some would say the last real Saturn) is dead, replaced by a more expensive badge-engineered Opel Astra. It could have been much more than it was. But it wasn't, so good riddance.

9.  Chrysler Aspen: Selling, but why?

A cynical repackaging of the Durango, complete with an arthritic suspension and interior appointments you're best advised not to keep.

Aspen's sales are, inexplicably, 12.4 percent higher so far this year than last. Maybe the cut-rate gas program is duping enticing people to sign-up for six years' payments on a vehicle they won't be able to afford to fuel after three. There's a HEMI-engined hybrid Aspen variant on its way, but they're still closing the plant in 2009. Good move.

8.  Chevy Trailblazer: Going, going, not gone 

Trabant-class fit and finish and Yugo-compatible interior design

Sales of this antediluvian artifact started dropping well before gas prices started climbing. However, with a 145-day supply on lots at the start of April, $4/gallon gas the norm and SUV sales lower than a politician's credibility, it may be a long time before they disappear, even after Bowtoy Boys pull the plug on production in 2010.

7.  HUMMER H2: on the chopping block

You might as well wear a freshly-bludgeoned baby seal as drive this big rig.

GM sold all of 375 humongous H2's in May. They'll be selling even fewer in the future– now that GM's decided to ditch the Antichrist of the eco-movement. Rumors that someone will buy the HUMMER brand in today's crowded, cratered SUV and off-road market are almost as ludicrous as the H2.

6.  HUMMER H3: following big brother's footsteps

Thirstier than Lindsay Lohan fresh out of rehab, slower than continental drift and rougher than Class VI rapids.

Even though the H3 doesn't get much worse mileage than other small SUVs, the HUMMER stigma alone is enough to cause buyers to shun it. It'll also be gone when they pull the plug on the HUMMER brand.

5.  Chevy Uplander: Gasping its last breath 

The only remnant of GM's po-faced assault on the minivan market can't hit the ash can of automotive history soon enough.

Chevy's pulled the plug and is closing the plant responsible for this automotive abortion. If you just have to have one of the worst minivans ever built, dealers still have about 2700 in inventory. And will for many months to come.

4.  Dodge Nitro:  Selling like ham at Hanukkah

A four-wheeled testament to Chrysler's brand mismanagement and thoroughly inept product development.

Buyers seem to agree with our assessment. Nitro sales are down 32.2 percent; Jeep dealers had a 110-day supply as of April 1. Chrysler co-president Jim Press said his employer's going to eliminate duplicate products to streamline their product line. Start here!

3.  Chevy Aveo:  Cheap sells, at least for now

GM can't build a decent small car in the U.S., perhaps they're trying to demonstrate that they can't build one in Korea either.

A rising tide lifts all boats; Chevy's craptastic captive Korean has caught a ride on the coat tails of the American revolution against SUVs and pickups. If you need proof that consumers are desperate to buy a fuel miser, any fuel miser (even a not-so-miserly miser), well, here it is.

2.  Chrysler Sebring:  A born rental car

Its cabin, handling, acceleration, and ride quality are to driving pleasure what hair shirts are to eczema sufferers.

This car has such a bad interior they started a special project to re-do it after just one year. Chrysler says they're cutting sales to fleets and rental companies and it shows: Sebring sales dropped almost 31 percent in May compared with last year.

1.  Jeep Compass: Wannabees never go far

Jeep's recipe for disaster: laughable aesthetics, second-rate road manners, poky performance and interior materials pulled from the bottom drawer of Chrysler's parts bin.

Sales of the Caliber-based anti-Jeep are trailing last year by 13.3 percent. What else would you expect for a vehicle that can't handle much more than a dirt road yet tries to pass itself off as a Jeep? A reader reports that a salesman said the Compass will die in 2009. Another excellent idea.

In a few months, we'll be soliciting nominees for the third annual Ten Worst Automobile awards, naming and shaming the most lamentable cars for sale as new in 2008. Will Compass, Aspen, Aveo, and H2 score a three-peat? Time– and TTAC's Best and Brightest– will tell. 

By on November 8, 2007

jp008_003cp.jpgThe fat lady has finally sung. The Truth About Cars (TTAC) and its faithful readers have identified the Ten Worst cars for sale in America in 2007. We began with a list of 136 reader-nominated vehicles. Our writers narrowed the field of bad dreams down to 20 finalists. By popular vote, you selected the ten most odious automobiles. And the winners are… after the jump (we need the page views).

By on October 24, 2007


It is time. You've nominated 136 candidates for The Truth About Cars' (TTAC) recently rechristened “Ten Worst Automobiles” awards. TTAC’s stable of underpaid and overeducated scribes surveyed the damage and did their duty: they've winnowed the roll call of automotive abominations down to the terrible twenty. Now it's your turn to tell the truth about cars. Go to the bottom of this post and vote for ten vehicles you consider worthy of public recognition as TTAC's Ten Worst for 2007.

Some Ten Worst nominees were as predictable as an episode of Scooby Do– and they would have got away with it too if it weren’t for those meddling pistonheads! A couple of choices seemed designed with TTAC's Ten Worst awards in mind. And here they are: the bad, the ugly, the worst of the worst.

Chevrolet TrailBlazer / GMC Envoy / Isuzu Ascender / Saab 9-7X (2006 Winner – 9-7X)

Chevy Aveo (2006 Winner)

Chevrolet Cobalt  (2006 Nominee)

Chevrolet Monte Carlo (2006 Winner)

Chevrolet Uplander (2006 Winner)

Chrysler Aspen (2006 Winner)

Chrysler Sebring

Dodge Caliber

Dodge Nitro

Ford Focus

Hummer H2 (2006 Nominee)

Hummer H3

Jaguar X-type (2006 Nominee)

Jeep Commander (2006 Nominee)

Jeep Compass (2006 Winner)

Lincoln Mark LT (2006 Winner)

Nissan Armada

Pontiac Grand Prix

Saturn ION

Subaru Tribeca (2006 Winner)

To assist you in your sacred duty, lend the Ten Worst selection process an air of legitimacy, amuse you and take us to the requisite 800 words, here are guidelines for assessing each finalist. 

Value (price, content, depreciation) – Does it scream "RENTAL UNIT?" Would you be better off in the long run if you just tossed your money down a sewer grate rather than buying this vehicle?

Market segment suitability – How well does the Ten Worst finalist stack up against other vehicles in its class or price range? Is there any real justification for its existence– other than placating dealers or keeping a factory running to satisfy the terms of a UAW contract?

Reliability – When you hear someone talking about "Total Recall," do you think about Arnie's magnum opus or this car? Would you buy one only if you could unload it before the 50K mile mark? Would you let your teen-aged daughter drive one across town at 1 AM? 

Build quality – Does the wiring look like a public service announcement for The Duct Tape Council? Can you see the panel gaps from low-Earth orbit? Was the trim applied by Salvador Dali after a three-day bender?

Quality of materials – Are the materials better suited for a city bus than a private vehicle? Would you rather touch a leper than a latch? Is the faux wood/aluminum/carbon fiber as convincing as Britney Spears speaking at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving convention?

Styling – Does it look like it was designed by three different blind people? In three different countries? Communicating via smoke signals? From a bong?

Performance/handling – Is the vehicle's zero to 60 performance best measured with a calendar? Does the hubbub under the hood have any correlation with forward motion? Does the car's cornering prowess bring to mind a rutting walrus?

Design – Are the ergonomics egregious? Is there less rearwards visibility than a 747? Is it a parts bin special bereft of anything remotely resembling "special?"  

Desirability– If your company gave you this vehicle as a company car, would you consider changing jobs?  If you had to drive one in public, would you pull a cap down over your face and assume the gansta slouch just to keep anyone from recognizing you?

Je ne sais quoi– That's French for "I know this car sucks, but I can't put my finger on the exact reason it makes me gag every time one passes on the street."

So, armed with these analytic tools, we place TTAC's Ten Worst in your capable hands. When you're ready, click at the bottom of this post and vote for up to 10 selections to be named the crème de la crap of the auto industry. (No repeat voting. Violators will be forced to drive the worst of The Worst for one week.) Please feel free to justify your decision and/or lobby your car-crazed cohorts below. Voting closes at midnight, Saturday 27 October. We'll announce the "winners" on November 1.

As always, RF, the entire TTAC team and I thank you for your participation. Although we use a light-hearted tone here, rest assured we understand the importance of naming and shaming the vehicles that bring dishonor to their manufacturers and disgrace our American roadways. And to those automakers whose products appear here, a message: the truth hurts. If your vehicle is on this list, regardless of short term gain, we urge you to do the right thing. For all of our sakes, it's time for the pain to stop. 

Click here to vote

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