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By on July 22, 2009

Toyota is the top automaker in the world, and has grown to this point by using methods put into place by one lone individual crying in the American post-war industrial wilderness. His name was Deming, and his message was (paraphrasing) “make it right the first time and it’ll be less expensive, better for the customer and more profitable for the manufacturer.” He also laid out how best to continually improve. The Japanese took this message and ran with it, patiently decimating the competition over half a century.

By on October 9, 2008

Doesn’t the human race EVER learn? Why must we continually have to go through the same pains, trials and tribulations that our parents, grand parents and great grand parents went through? Same with the automobile industry. Same with how our nations handle their affairs– economics included. Even politics. Forever, politics.

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